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That night, Tennessee and Toph went right on back to Tennessee's hideout. The hideout is actually the town's clock tower, inside the clock itself. It took some time for Toph to get up there, but thanks to Tennessee, she had managed. The Ringtail, now in his cowboy outfit instead of a jailbird outfit, lit up a lantern to help them see (or to help him see anyway).

"So you live here, Tennessee?" Toph asked, getting comfortable in a pile of hay as Tennessee eased himself in a wooden chair.

"You bet it is, Lassie. Fancy place to hang, I say."

"I What can you tell me about this "Toothpick"? You don't seem to like him," Toph said, while on her back.

"HA! That Toothpick's lower than a snake in a ditch! And also, he framed me for that bank job and took the gold himself! I just know it!" Tennessee said. Toph can tell that he had his suspicions over this so-called "Sheriff".

"He framed you? But weren't you in jail already when I showed up?"

"Yeah, so? That Toothpick gave me hang time for a bank job I didn't do!...not yet anyway."

"Excuse me?"

"I'm a thief from a family of Cooper master thieves. And that job was gonna be my greatest yet...that was until that no-good Toothpick ruined everything!" Tennessee groaned. Toph can easily tell by his voice that he had big plans for that bank job...whatever a bank is.

"Sorry to hear that. Kinda tough getting your stuff taken and losing your chance."

"Heh...well it ain't no full loss. Sure, I didn't get the bank job. But look what I got while bailing out." Tennessee then spun around a large barrel blaster Cooper cane in his hand towards Toph to get a full view...but...

"Uh...what is it?"

"Isn't it obvious, Lassie?"

"'s not. I can't see remember? I'm blind." Toph said, waving her hand in front of her face.

"Oh yea. Sorry, Miss Toph. This here's my trusty shootin' iron. My handy-dandy barrel blaster Cooper rifle. Toothpick snatched it from me, but I got it back." Tennessee said.

"Nice...but what's a rifle?" Toph asked, turning to him from the hay pile. Tennessee looked very surprised.

"What planet are you from, Missy?"

"Well...not this one. It's kinda hard to explain, I don't know if you'll believe me."

"Try me."

Tennessee got comfortable as Toph then began telling him a rather long story about where she came from and what she been through. She herself wasn't sure how to tell it to him so it would make sense. She expected Tennessee to call her crazy or something, but...

"Heh. That's some fancy story."

"Yeah. You probably don't believe me though, do you?"

"Now now, I never said that. A tall tale sure, yet I buy it."

"...You do?"

"Sure I do. Especially since two spooky looking cow-folk who roamed into town earlier. They were asking about you. Let's was an odd-looking coyote with some weird smile while the other looked like some purple floating bag."

-A few days earlier-

Tennessee was being confronted by two odd characters in the desert.

"You. Tennessee kid, right? We're looking for someone by the name of Toph. You know where she is?"

"What's it to ya?" Tennessee asked.

"That's none of your business. Now do you know where Toph is or don't you?" the orb asked.

"Yes? No? Maybe I have, maybe I haven't. Now if you pardon me-"

"You're not leaving until you answer!" the other figure said, getting in his face.

"Okay, hold your horses. I haven't seen any Tophs round these parts. Now I have a bank to rob, I'll see y'all later."

-End flashback-

"Yep. Those two don't seem to belong here." Tennessee finished. Toph then got a bit worried again.

"What did these two look like?"

"I just told you. A smiling black-and-white coyote and a purple floating bag." Toph was trying to get the pieces together but suddenly her enhanced hearing picked up something outside. Tennessee got it too and looked out of the window...right under them was Toothpick with his cow guards! Toothpick walked inside the clock tower to discuss somethings over with his guards.

"Who is it?"

"That no-good Toothpick, that's who." Tennessee then heard something else through a nearby air vent of a door slamming.


Meanwhile, Toothpick was settling down in his boss chair as his guards waited to listen. He had big plans now and he was feeling pretty good about himself, despite his loss of two prisoners, but that didn't matter. He still had his gold.

"Okay, listen up. That Tennessee kid Cooper had caused enough trouble for me. He and that naked monkey are going to learn to never yank a rattlesnake's tail...unless you're looking to get bitten (starts laughing a little). Now first, that gold from the bank has to be loaded on the train. Then we high-tail it outta this flea-bitten one-horse town. Then. As soon as the gold goes back to present day. I. TOOTHPICK! Will make MILLIONS (accidentally shoots one of the guards on the last word) eh...oopsie."

"Gosh-dang it boss! Can you watch where you're pointing that thing?!" one of the guards snapped. But then, as far as Toph and Tennessee knew, they both heard a loud growing noise and...

"YOU TALKING TO ME?!" Toothpick growled, in a lower voice.

"AH! Sorry boss! I didn't mean nothin'!" the guard said, sounding scared. The raccoon and girl heard a shrinking noise this time.

"Good. Now, you go on and start loading up my gold, and I'll just-"

"AND you'll just start talking!" a voice suddenly bellowed, the door suddenly being bashed in! Toothpick looked on as three odd figures walked Smile Dog! One Ghost! But the third was someone none of them (including Tennessee and Toph) can recognize by voice or look. A greenish dog, large scar stretching from its chest, across its face, to the back. It had a collar on its stomach, odd for a dog.

"Hey! Who's there?" Toothpick snapped, aiming his guns at them.

"Our identity isn't important." Smile Dog said.

"We're looking for a girl named Toph. You seen her?" the green dog asked.

"Toph, Toph...don't know no Toph. Now get out or I'll blast you back to Timbuktu!" Toothpick warned, marching over with his pistols aimed at them. The green dog kind of got spooked but Smile Dog didn't even flinch.

"Calm down, Adjula. He can't bother you with a stone-filled stick."

"WHAT?! This shootin' iron can kill you faster than anything!" Toothpick yelled, the guards bolted out of the way as Toothpick went trigger happy, his bullets shooting up the ceiling. Ghost made an X in the floor in front of them as the trio stepped back. The bullets didn't hit anyone...but it did cause a part of the ceiling to fall...enter Tennessee and Toph!

"Thank you." Adjula said, grabbing Toph and rocketing off. Smile Dog and Ghost joined him as Tennessee was left with Toothpick.

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