Ba Sing Se
Return to Ba Sing Se, Part 1
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August 13, 2013

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Ch.9: The Final Goodbye

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Ch.11: Return to Ba-Sing-Se, Part 2

~~Airspace over the Earth Kingdom~~

"How could this have happened?" Said Aang. "I still can't believe it. How could Ba Sing Se have fallen. This is the worst day ever. Just as we thought that we won the war and restored harmony into the world this happens."

"Aang. It's gonna be alright. Now listen. I know you've been through some hard times lately, we all have. But now's the time to prove yourself," replied Katara.

"Hm, guys, I've been checking and it seems that we've almost entirely ran out of supplies. We've only got food for about two, maybe three days. And for about for days of water," said Sokka, interrupting the two. "We've been flying for two weeks. I suggest that we land as soon as possible."

"You're right...Say, this looks familiar. Sokka, where are we?" said Aang.

"According to this map we're about fifty miles from the edge of the desert. We need to find a town as fast as we can... Let me see. The map says, that there is a small village ten miles north west. Let's go there," said Sokka.

"Okay...Appa, Yip, Yip!" As Aang said that the enormous flying bison changed his course and the Gaang started to fly to the village.

"Hey, what's the name of the village?" Asked Hokai.

"Hong," replied Sokka. As the Gaang reached the outskirts of the village, Aang started to land his bison. They landed just outside of the local tavern. The Gaang went into it.

~~The village of Hong~~

"Excuse me, Sir, we would like to buy some food. And where can we find a fountain. We need water as well," asked Aang.

"Sorry kid, food, I can give you, but water,... that's a tough one. There hasn't been any water in this village for over a week now. We've almost drank all of our supplies. The well is dried up," said the shop keeper.

"May I see the well?" Asked Katara.

The man escorted the team to the well. And he was right. The well was totally dried up.

"That's strange... I feel water, tons of water, but something is blocking it. Aang, use you Airbending to fly you and me down the bottom of the well." Aang did as he was told and the duo were quickly on the bottom of the dried up well. "Now, you use your Earthbending to move the rocks and I'll use my Waterbending to bring the water closer. Then we'll just let the water push us up... Ready?" The duo started to move the giant rocks. Slowly the room got more moist as water got closer. Then, finally water started to pour into the well. The plan worked perfectly, as Aang and Katara were pushed up and out the well.

"Wow, IT ACTUALLY WORKED!" Said Sokka, not believing that the idea will EVER work. "Look, the townspeople are already gathering."

The townspeople started to cheer. They finally came to fresh drinkable water and would not have to leave their village. The Gaang took as much water as they needed and put it into the barrels, that were strapped on Appa. Then they started walking to the tavern to get the food that they needed. Suddenly a large stone fall whooshed into the air in front of them. They turned backwards but couldn't get away, as there were walls all around and above them. They were trapped. Aang used his Earthbending to punch a hole into the rocks. The rocks were soo dense, that even with his strength he needed a few good shots to break the wall. As the Gaang got out of the rocky prison a strange sound appeared somewhere. They couldn't see it, as someone made a dust cloud around them.

"Who are you? What do you want with us?" Shouted Aang, furiously.

"Oh, come on twinkle toes. Don't you know who I am?" Said the strange voice.

Aang instantly realized who it was and used his Airbending to send a burst of wind, so that the dust cloud disintegrated. "Well, what a warm welcome. How've you been Toph?" Said Aang with a smile on his face.

"Oh, you know Twinkletoes. The same as always. Winning fights and scamming people," replied the now known stranger, Toph.

"What was that all about? YOU COULD HAVE SUFFOCATED US!" Shouted Sokka.

"Don't worry, map boy. I knew you were safe. You had Aang and Katara with you to save your butt again," replied Toph.

"That doesn't prove anything," replied Sokka in return.

"Okay, so who is the new guy?" Asked Toph.

"Hi, I'm Hokai, Aang's friend from the time we were still in the Southern Air temple," said Hokai.

"Woow, that's SO interesting," replied Toph sarcastically.

"He's a new member of our team. He helped us win in..." said Katara, before she was interrupted by Toph.

"He helped you win in Was-Na-Si, am I right?" Said Toph.

"How could you have known that. It's only been a month," asked Sokka.

"A new move that I've been working on. I use the vibrations on the ground to try to hear what people are thinking. But it's very hard and I have to concentrate," replied Toph.

"So, can I ask you something?" Said Sokka. "Do you know where th..."

"Down the road, third building on the right," said Toph.

"Thank's, come on Hokai, let's go," said Sokka, as he started to rush down the road with Hokai on his side.

"So, where did they go?" Asked Aang.

"To the pie shop, silly. It's Sokka that were talking about. We all know he thinks only about food."

"So, do you think you could teach me that move?" Asked Aang. "It could really come in helpful."

"Sure... So what are you guys doing here?" Asked Toph.

"Why don't you just look into our minds and find out?" replied Katara.

"First off, I don't have the energy. As I said this move is very hard to do. And secondly, I can read only the things people are thinking right now. I can't read peoples memories and desires," said Toph, explaining herself.

"Well, If you want to know. We're headed to Ba Sing Se. It's been occupied by the Dai-Li and Long Feng has taken control of the city. We need to stop him. Will you help us?" replied Aang.

"Well, since I've got nothing better to do,... sure, why not. It's gonna be fun," said Toph.

"We're back! And look how many delicious cakes we've got," said Sokka.

"How did you pay for all of those. Where did you get the money?! You know, that King Bumi gave us that money, before he died so that we would be able to buy FOOD AND SUPPLIES!" Shouted Katara, angry at her brother.

"Don't worry. When I said, that you guys were the ones that refiled the well with water, the baker gave me the cakes for free," said Sokka.

"Do you really think that that is wise? I mean, aren't we taking advantage of these people?" Said Aang, always aware what's right and wrong.

"There are even some delicious, tasty Egg custard tarts in between," replied Sokka, knowing the thing that Aang can't resist."

"Gime, gime, gime!" Said Aang.

As the Gaang ate some of the cakes, they put the rest on Appa and headed to their destination: Ba Sing Se.


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