Smile Dog and Ghost
Duo's Return
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The following morning, Beast Boy told the others what he had seen. He was the most tired of them all, running around late at night after whoever was in there with them. He told them exactly what happened, with the flowers, the full moon, the trees, and the figure who saw him. However, Raven seemingly convinced them that it was just some crazy dream. They didn't make any human animals here, so they agreed on it and continued off on their search. One point, Starfire and Raven flew up above the canopy to look and see any clues.

"Anything, Raven?" Starfire asked, looking around.

"All I see are trees," replied Raven. They kept looking until Raven saw something not too far from their location. It simply appeared like a clearing but something about it made it interesting.

"Anything?!" Robin called. They both flew down back to them.

"There is a clearing not too far from here. Maybe something over there can help," Raven explained, pointing in the main direction of the area.

"Sounds good to me. Come on, let's go."

They all agree and, since they don't really have anything else to go on, go off to the clearing. It only took a few minutes before they got through into the clearing of the jungle. They ended up finding something very strange. In a world only full of animals, somehow they found a seemingly man-made feature. The ground was flat, the area cleared of trees and flora, and it appeared to be made of some sort of smooth stone. There were black think lines all over it but it was hard to tell what it made. Starfire flew up high and finally saw the face of some sort of creature in it. She saw this when Toph made her first and only creature and flew back down.

"What did you see, Starfire?" Sokka asked.

"I saw it back in the core. It appears to be the head of the Groudon," Starfire explained. Toph listened with interest, but something else got her attention.

"Hey guys. We have bigger problems than what is on this place."

"Really? Why?" Aang asked. Toph simply aimed her finger to behind her at seemingly nothing there. They didn't exactly understand what she was pointing at until she did an earthbending stomp, causing a rock to shoot up, hitting something in the head. Whatever Toph hit was also knocked a foot to them, out of hiding. Skidding to the ground, they recognized them both all too well...

"What the? Smile Dog? Ghost?!"

"Ow. Just can't do a sneak attack, can we?" Smile Dog groaned, picking himself up and rubbing his head. Everyone got in a battle stance, expecting an attack on the spot.

"What are you doing here and why?!" Zuko demanded.

"HOW are you here?!" Added Beast Boy. Ghost got his tail ready, but before he can grab anyone, Toph used a rock wall and it was jabbed into it, causing Ghost to yelp in pain and pull the tail back. By the looks of it, Ghost isn't as 'invincible' as he used to be.

"Okay, Ghost?" Smile Dog asked.

"Answer the question!"

"Shut up, will ya?! We're hardly sure ourselves, you know!" Smile Dog yelled. Toph got only half a lie out of it. They don't know where they are, but they know why there here, and told the others.

"What do you want now?" Toph asked, hardly seeing them as much of a threat now they see Ghost not as strong.

"Ask you the same question?" Ghost asked.

"We're here on important business, and we don't need you two in the way," Zuko said, threatening with his fire at the ready. Smile Dog and Ghost were in their battle stance, but then Toph felt something else coming in. Zuko blasted a fire punch and Cyborg made a blast to them as the duo was just about to dodge...but something else suddenly deflected it! A cloud of smoke appeared for a while until a quick airbending blow by Aang removed it. Smile Dog and Ghost were there, but something else was also standing there. Same size as Smile Dog, black, yellow rings...

"Nice try," it said, sounding like a she. Toph didn't want any chances and locked them in an earth shield, but the third was too fast and got out before it was finished.

"How rude. You're not even gonna ask who I am? Or why I'm here for that matter?" She said, rather annoyed it isn't going 'textbook'.

"Why don't you just say it?" Toph said, ready to fight.

"That's better. I'm Umbreon. Dark Anti-bender. And I'm here to eradicate you. So now we are clear with each other, I'm also aware you're looking for the Triforce pieces?"

"Where are they?!" Cyborg demanded. Before Umbreon can answer though...

"HA! You think we're gonna tell ya the three legends have them?!" Smile Dog yelled in mockery. Umbreon froze in complete anger, turning to him in a ticked off smile. Toph confirmed this was correct, which made it worse.


"Heh...oops..." Smile Dog got a kick in the face as Umbreon charged for the team, readying some sort of dark magic. And suddenly from that, a fight started up.

This fight lasted a good amount of time. Umbreon was easily holding her own quite well as Smile Dog and Ghost kept their distance, kind of like the situation with the HIVE and Titans. It was hard to fight her as she was very fast and her dark pulses were hard to dodge. After 20 minutes, Umbreon stopped for a bit to get her bearings, as the whole team were still ready.

"Man. I'm outta practice," Umbreon panted.

"If you want to get out unscaved, I suggest you beat it," Zuko warned. Umbreon felt rather tired and turned to the duo sitting alongside.

"What the heck?!"

"Hey, we handled your bit, you didn't say they'll be here! We ain't fightin' today," Smile Dog said. This made Umbreon completely ticked and she turned to attack them but suddenly they all felt started small but began to grow. Sounding like an odd horn of sorts. Umbreon knew what this meant.

"We'll talk later," She said, and left them.

"What's her deal?" Smile Dog asked. He got his answer when he was nearly shot! A spear came out of nowhere and nearly got him. Jumping back, 5 more arrows nearly got him as he ended up by the good guys alongside Ghost. None of them knew what was going on and suddenly smoke shot up from around them for a few seconds. When they cleared...human guards, looking like the natives, aimed their spears at them...they were trapped.

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