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After a few days in the valley training grounds, Leo and Alex were going on rather well. Alex was just getting the hang of swimming at the moment thanks to Whiplash, and now he's showing Leo how good he is now by swimming against the river's current (where he had been practicing for the past couple days).

"Good job, Alex. Swimming like a fish I see," Leo said happily. Alex jumped out with a smile on his face.

"You bet! Surprised I haven't done it before, I'm a natural!"

"Says the kid who was scared of a tiny water pool," Whiplash teased, bugging Alex. From that he used an earthbending push to knock Whiplash in the water. He smirked back at him as he spat out excess water and turned back to his brother.

"So then. How's your training going then, Leo?"

"Not so good. All Serra's been telling me was sit on top of a hill and feel the breeze."

"Anything else?"

"Nope. All I get is water just being knocked down the hill. Still bruised from that." He groaned, rubbing the back of his head. Violet then came on over after watching Alex swim around.

"That was great, Alex. You're great at swimming," she said.

"Well I don't like to brag, but I'm doing pretty awesome."

"But you do love to brag," groaned Leo.

"It's true." Alex was cut off when Violet held his arm and cuddled close to him, making Alex rather uncomfortable.

"Uh...okay I'm a good swimmer, you can let go now (tries pulling her off). Let go! (keeps trying to pull her off, but nothing worked) Guys, help me out here!" As Alex was trying to get Violet off, Serra came on over to Leo.

"Hi there. Where were you?"

"Oh hi, Serra. I was watching Alex swim. He's improved a lot from last time I saw him," Leo admitted. Serra just smiled and found it kind of funny seeing Alex trying to get Violet to let go. With Serra's help, he finally was free from her grip.

"Man. Thanks. Felt like being constricted by a boaconda," Alex said, holding his arm away from her.


Later on, Leo and Serra were back to training again, if you'd even call it that. Leo and Serra were still sitting on their hill. A huge gust of wind knocked over Leo for the 30th time. Serra helped him up to his feet.

"There you go. Here, we'll try again," Serra said. This time though, Leo wasn't so sure about this.

"No! Come on Serra, this isn't training."

"Yes, it is."

"No, it isn't. All it is is sitting on a hillside, letting the wind blow you down. Exactly how is this helping me out?"

"I promise you, Leo, this is the best way to gain airbending."

"How would you know about airbending? You're not an airbender!...right?" Leo asked. He didn't mean to talk so rude to her, but sitting on a windy hill doesn't seem to be any sort of training. Serra sighed and walked away until she was a good 5 feet away.

"So you want to know if I can airbend?" Serra asked. Leo merely nodded in confusion. Serra breathed out calmly, standing still for a few seconds...then she did it. With one motion, a pure, official, airbending blast was shot out from her hands!

"There. That should answer your question right Leo?...Leo?" Serra saw Leo thrown back 20 feet away from her, her airbending accidentally hitting her student.

"Sorry!" Serra called, running over to him as he picked himself up.

"!!" Leo said, jumping up to his feet, adding in, "That was the best airbending I've ever seen! That was incredible!" Serra turned away, blushing embarrassed.

"Thank you, Leo," she said, smiling cutely. Leo smiled at her embarrassed smile.

"How about you show me some more airbending moves? Can make training more interesting," Leo said, more enthusiastic. Serra just smiled and nodded.

"Sure, Leo. Let's begin." Training on airbending became more interesting since.

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