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Central City Station Confrontation
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Battle of Republic City


The Gunslinger Civil War, Collins' Uprising, Anti Bending Revolution


170 AG


Republic City Central Station


Collins' Uprising crushed


Gunslinger Refugees

Collins' Brigade


John Rider, Leon

Kyle Collins

Forces involved







First appearance

Central City Station Part 1 and 2


The Central City Confrontation, also referred to as The Battle of Central City Station by the citizens of Republic City, was a short, yet intense shootout between The Gunslinger Rebels and the splinter group formed by Kyle Collins. It occurred on a crisp evening in the fall of 170 AG, during the height of the Anti Bender Revolution.


Ever since his parents were killed by Non Benders, Kyle Collins had held a deep rooted hatred for any Non Benders. Despite this, he managed to secure a commanding position over at least a brigade in The Order of the Gunslingers. Despite the fact that the Gunslingers were a peace keeping group between Benders and Non Benders, Collins used his brigade against Non Benders, often blaming the results on Post War terrorists.

After traveling to Republic City with the Gunslinger Rebels, Collins saw an opportunity to create a world with only Benders. He planned to use Amon's Anti Bending Revolution as an excuse for war against Non Benders. Operating under the false belief that many of the city's benders would rally behind him with a show of force, Collins planned to use his brigade to capture and hold the Central City Station.


On a crisp fall evening, Collins put his plan into motion. His brigade of roughly forty five men and women suddenly attacked the station. Even though many of the citizens that were at the station fled to safety, a few Non Benders were captured and held hostage. Collins then sent out a message to the entire city. If Amon gave himself up, then the hostages would be released safely.

However when word of the attack reached Air Temple Island, the temporary command post for the Refugees, John Rider ordered many of the remaining Refugees to take up arms and march on the Station.

Just after seven P.M., one hundred and seventeen men and women appeared out of the evening fog around the station. They took up firing lines around the front of the Station before both John and Leon demanded that Collins and his men lay down their weapons and surrender.

Rather than surrender, many of the members of the Brigade fired their weapons into their former comrades lines, killing and wounded ten men. The Refugees quickly countered with a full on volley of rifle fire, wounding or thirty three men. For the next seven minutes, three more volleys would be exchanged, one by Collins' men and two by The Refugees.


When the smoke cleared forty three of the forty five man brigade were dead. Fifteen of the Refugees were dead as well. Collins himself was wounded during the fighting, but managed to survive and escape capture. All of the Non Bender hostages were released safely.

Rather than have a good outlook on The Refugees, the city held a bad one, manly due to the workings of the Equalists. Even though Amon did thank John Rider over a radio broadcast for the safe release of the hostages, he still promised to eradicate all benders from the city, even those who fought for both sides.

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