By Gingalover Part of the Avatar: New Universe continuity.
Biographical information
Birth place

Hidden Lands


Ruined city


Killed in ruin collapse

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First appearance

Lion of the Ruins

Cenobia is like the counterpart of Celosia, only he's slightly bigger and isn't afraid of anything, making him the second smallest colossi. His main opponent was Kyoushiro but in the end, he was the only colossi met that was killed by his own power, been driven into causing a ruin collapse. Cenobia was created by Yveltal and is now a very aggressive combatant and has a powerful lust for destruction.

He first appears when Kyoushiro and Teru end up in his territory. He starts off by charging at Kyoushiro and nearly gets him but he swiftly changes targets when Teru distracts the beast. he keeps trying to get him but to no avail. At one point Cenobia couldn't reach them both so he tries something different, mainly knocking down a pillar to get to them. before he could though, Lycaeon and Robin go in and attack Cenobia. The colossi runs around like mad to get Lycaeon off and at one point causes a ruin to collapse, crushing him as a result.

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