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Ty-Lan hid behind a barrel, panting. She took the rich man's money bag out of her pocket. Twenty gold pieces! Her best robbery yet! "Wow!" she thought, "I could buy a feast with this!" But, then she remembered with a jolt that Karon, her friend, told her yesterday to meet him in a back alley for something special. "I'd better not be late," she thought. The alley he chose was really far from where she was now. She started off, glaring with envy at all the girls with fancy dresses, begging their parents for some expensive ball gown. She would give anything to be one of them. Well... maybe not... she hated dresses... and... balls. But at least they had food on the table, a roof over their heads, and didn't have to mug, or steal, just for survival, let alone fancy pleasures.

She did not realize that she had been standing for a while when the honk of a Satomobile awakened her. She started walking again.

"Hey Ty-Lan!"

"Happy birthday!"


He gave a shy grin and said.

"Oh, yeah, one more thing..."


Karon pulled out a big, red-velvet cake, with the words, "Happy Birthday" Ty-Lan, in icing. Ty-Lan's mouth hung open.

"How in the world did you afford this?" she asked in wonder.

"I... um... used all of my savings."

"What? You were going that buy that suit!!"

"Well, I wanted to do something special for you."

They spent the next few hours in their little nook, eating cake and having fun like never before.

Eight hours later, it was dark, and they were getting tired.

"We'd better go," Karon said.

So, they both left for their "homes", Ty-Lan's being the pipes of The Fire Nation Hotel.

What has become of me? She thought as she was crawling through the pipes. This is so gross! Oops! She felt the floor disappear underneath her. Ty-Lan had been so deep in thought that she had crawled over the heating vent! She listened, oh no! There were people in the room she was falling in to!

The White Lotus, and some young woman in green, who was probably from the Earth Kingdom. Those were the people who were in the room. Ty-Lan was speechless.

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