By Gingalover Part of the Book Six: Shadow continuity.

The Cave Fish is a medium-sized, blind creature located within isolated caves of the Earth Kingdom. They only appeared once when Korra and Ziyou had to go in Accuro to fight Katayt and Koyot.


The Cave Fish swim in schools of five individuals, much like normal fish would do, though move at a much slower pace. It is unable to see, having not evolved eyes due to the habitat which it lives in. It is a carnivore, its diet restricted to Cavehoppers who fall into the water, sucking it without the need to chew. It doesn't show any signs of fear among humans due to its isolated habitat.


The Cave Fish only appeared once. While Korra and Ziyou go through Accuro, Ziyou finds a shoal of Cave Fish swimming in one of the mineral water deposits. One of them ate a Cavehopper that fell into the water before Ziyou went away.


The behavior and appearance of the Cave Fish mirrors that of the real world version of the same name.

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