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Chapter 4: Caught by Azula!

Last night was a night I'll never forget. Azula had invited Ty Lee and Mai for a sleepover and I just was in my room. When I was just getting into bed, I heard my door open.

"Mai?" I asked. She closed the door.

"I lied to Azula and Ty Lee of my whereabouts so I could be with you," she said.

She came forward and planted her lips on mine in a deep kiss. I kissed her back and we fell back on the bed, still kissing. I was just beginning to enjoy the moment when the door opened. We never heard it and I didn't care who was at the door.

"Mai! WHAT are you doing?!" a sharp voice asked. We broke away from the kiss. We both blushed in embarrassment when we saw Azula standing in the doorway, frowning. Ty Lee was also there but she was smiling.

"I KNOW what you were doing! I know that you like Zuzu but THIS? Making out? Without telling me?" Azula asked angrily.

"I think it's really sweet though," Ty Lee said.

"You stay out of this Ty Lee," Azula ordered.

"Look, you caught us but can you leave us alone?" I asked.

"No way. Unless you want me to tell Dad," Azula said. I shuddered at the thought. Mai then got up and left the room. I just HATE Azula! How can they even STAND her? I thought.

Author's Note

So sorry about the length

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