By Lord Caesar Part of the Avatar Ronin continuity.

The cat monkey is a small, primate-like creature that is found in tropical regions of the Earth Kingdom and the Fire Nation.


Cat monkeys have opposable hands that help them hold on to branches and snatch food. Their hind legs help them leap in great distances. Their opposable tails can also hold on to a branch and are fluffy at the end of the tail. Their teeth are similar to those of cats and can tear apart food easily.


Cat monkeys are often very troublesome as they viciously steal food from farmers and can fearlessly attack a villager to get food. They often live alone and fight with each other while not finding a mate. Female cat monkeys are more calm than males due to their nature of being loving parents.


Cat monkeys are a conjecture of a cat and an old-world monkey. They have the body and hind legs of a cat and the head, arms, hands, and tail of a monkey. Their tails are also a combination to that of a cat and a monkey.

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