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Chapter 2 - Casualties

Day 12 99AG

Zuko and his pearl dagger

'Bald is the latest look'

Counterattack Day! Everyone so hyped! We met up with the 2nd fleet last night and have been sailing all night. Also today's the anniversary of Prince Zuko's banishment. Spoiled Brat! Seriously thinks he can just drag himself around shouting at Generals then peeing his pants during a Agni Kai. The Nerve! One of the new recruits said he met him at port, man was he messed up. Fat scar on his eye and he's shaved his head! (Seriously???) Also he's got his tag-along uncle with him. One second its the Dragon of the west the next its tea loving senile old man. On another note I got a message from my brother Fu Quan. Dear Bro, how are you? Xing Hu's fine we getting on really well...she says hi!' That son of a-!!!!! You go away for 12 days and dammit!!!! I had leave in a month RAAAAAAAAAGGGGGGGGGGEEEEEEEE!!!
Okay well someones get set on Fire when we get back..(Not my bro he'd kill me...Xing Hu your days are numbered) Damn Colonists. Soo what else can I talk about...Well Fushi changed ships...nothing to talk about...

Fu Yong

Day 13 99AG

Finally found something to write with, I'm right in the middle of this Water Tribe settlement and were getting attacked from all sides. Man how'd it get to this, I'm only writing cause I finished my guard shift. That's right we have those in the field. SHUT UP!!!! Stupid bombs so hard to focus I wish they'd just shut up. Lost about 6 in the main charge and people are getting picked off every now and again. Fushi went to get reinforcements, well that was 5 hours ago. Stupid Waterbenders why just finish um when we had the chance. So what if the Avatar was a Airbender we could be done with both nations. Seriously if we could wipe out 1 in 1 week why can't we do that to the rest. (Seriously that was never explained in the history books). Well I hear the battle horn time to make some Waterbenders well-done. Also note to self if I see Hakoda....Snap his neck.

Fu Yong

Day 16 99AG

3 days! 3 days! Okay okay I know were regular soldiers but come on! Its as if were expendable or something even then they don't send a decent relief force. By the time they got there we were mopping up. Heard some disturbing reports from command, Prince Zuko found something near the arctic, probably just a small rebel cell but I don't know. A few of the guys were talking about it being the Avatar! What a joke Fire Lord Sozin silenced him nearly a century ago and if he did survive I'm really gonna be scared a 100 year old git. Well were heading to the port Zuko's heading for and I'm being transfered to guess who! Admiral Zhao! Finally a step up in the world. Well I think that's all for today, be in port tomorrow if the weathers good.

Fu Yong.

Interesting Facts

-Being Bald is cool.

-Admiral Zhao is quite Respected.

-History makes no sense

-Waterbenders are a pain.

-We're Expendable...

-Aang was set free in 99AG

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