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Korra looking at her sister, Cassandra when she says something so terrible about her previous life in her world she came from.

Korra is long-time friend and an ally of her sister Cassandra. She is very protective of her new sister whom was adopted by her family. Her family adopted Cassandra after learning that she arrived here by fate that saved her but her previous life was destroyed by set of events that destroyed her world. She later becomes very close to Korra.



Mako looking at Cassandra, when Cassandra uses Firebending move.

Mako is Cassandra's longtime friend and Cassandra was the Fire Ferrets' advisor.

sometimes Cassandra would step in to help Fire Ferrets during the matches. She had limited training with Mako on learning how to Firebend. but she helped the Fire Ferrets to win the match when she was forced to use combo of Fire and Water, Earth on the other team in beginning.

It greatly shocked Korra and Mako, Bolin, Asami that she could use three elements at same time. Korra began to discuss with Tenzin on how Cassandra did, and Tenzin Proposed a test.

Cassandra was taught Airbending and then was asked to do the four elements, which she did, it was revealed that Cassandra could master four elements at ease.

She told others that she was taught at very early age by using a forms of chi energy flow control used to control her ability to control energy flow in her body. It also showed why that she was able to control elements easily through this.

Love Interests


Dreaming Bolin

Bolin looking at Cassandra, smiling, when Cassandra tells Bolin out loud that she likes him.

Bolin is Cassandra's other best friend. Cassandra was taught Earthbending by Bolin when she first met Bolin at Tenzin's Air Temple after her attempt to distract Amon so Korra could escape.

It was later revealed that Cassandra had secretly crushed on Bolin during the first meeting, which Korra exploits to make Cassandra talk to Bolin privately.

Of course, Cassandra refused to do it. So Korra decided to play a mean joke on her by telling Bolin that here's a girl who likes him.

Which Cassandra started to blush really badly and ends up telling Bolin that she likes him out loud in front of others, it ended with her blushing very red and ran out of the room fast.

Cassandra ended up embarrassing herself on front of Bolin and locked herself in her room. Eventually, Bolin came and knocked on the door, was allowed to come in.

They had been talking for few hours and came out the door together hand in hand.

Their relationship ended six months later before others arrived to Southern Water Tribe City.

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