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Carved in our Hearts
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December 13, 2013

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Chapter Five: Carved in our Hearts

Chapter Five: Carved in our Hearts - Part 1

Aang walked out of his apartment, stone and design in hand. He shut his door, unsuspicious. Aang jumped 3 meters in the air, only to see his girlfriend behind him.

Her smile was weirdly wider than usual.

"Hi Aang!"

"Hey.. Katara.."

"What's that you're holding?"

Aang gawked and put the two items behind his back. "Nothing!"

"Let me s-!"

"Sorry Katara! Got to go!"

Aang breezed past Katara, cutting her off mid sentence. She sulked, and went home disappointedly.

Hurt, she shed a tear.

Aang saw the lone tear roll down her face. Feeling guilty, he dragged his feet towards Katara.

"Look Katara, I'm so-" Aang was shut by Katara, as she raised a curt hand, telling him to stop.

"Aang. I have no idea why you are acting this way, but I need to tell you, I'm really sad and disappointed by your actions, it's like you don't love me anymore." Katara shed another tear. She sniffed and wiped it away.

Aang pressed his lips against hers. It was a gentle kiss, but sweet. Katara received all the assurance she needed.

"I'm sorry Katara, but I have my reasons. But please, don't doubt my love for you. It kills me inside." Aang said tenderly, wiping her tears with one hand.

Katara nodded slowly.

"I'll see you later Katara, I love you!" Aang said as he left, walking backwards. As a result he knocked into a buff guy.

"What's your problem?"

"Nothing! Nothing!" Aang retreated slowly.

Katara laughed at the sight as she walked back into her apartment.

Aang arrived back at the craftsman's shop. He opened the door and the bell rung again.

"Avatar Aang! Please take a seat!"

Aang sat on one of the chairs at a desk with a table lamp on. He took out his notepad and a pen.

"Sifu Yung." Aang stood up and bowed as a gesture of respect upon seeing his master.

"Please take a seat. May I see your design?"

Aang handed the roll of paper to his master.

"It's beautiful. The air and water elements like yin and yang, one cannot exist without the other, bonded together by the ultimate symbol of love, the panda lily. It's meaning is significant and special, I haven't seen anything like it! I'm sure your girlfriend will adore it. Although the carving might be slightly trickier."

"I am willing to do whatever it takes to learn."

"Then I won't disappoint you."

Chapter Five: Carved in our Hearts - Part 2

"It's the last swirl of air already, just do it like the rest. You can do it."

Aang dug the bone dagger into the stone, lightly at first, then gradually harder, he slanted the edge at a slightly smaller angle, and turned it in a circular motion.


"It's really beautiful, Avatar Aang. You should be proud of yourself, you are able to carve such a complex design within a day."

"They say I'm a fast learner. And it's all thanks to your guidance."

"It's only possible when a person is willing to learn."

"Thank you Sifu."

"You are very welcome. Wait! I have something else for you."

Yung vanished to the back of the shop, and took with him, a wooden box.

"Here, you can present your necklace in this box. I used this box to give the necklace to my wife. After she passed on, I've kept it ever since. I think I should give it to you, Avatar Aang."

"No I really shouldn't, it can remind you of your wife."

"Nonsense. The best place to remember her is in my heart." He put a hand to his chest and closed his eyes. "And there is a better use for this box, isn't it?"

"I can't thank you enough Sifu Yung."

"You're welcome."

Aang returned home with a light heart, with a skip in his steps. He smiled to himself, thinking of how Katara would react upon seeing it. He stared at the box, and pat himself on the back.

"Well accomplished, Avatar Aang."

He sat down at his desk, and took out the choker he bought a few days ago, and threaded it through the pendant.

He placed the now-completed necklace into the center of the box, and closed the box gently. He smiled to himself.

"Now where should I put it?"

Drawer? Nope. Under the bed? Nope. In the pillow? Nope. I shouldn't leave it in this apartment! It's too predictable. Someone.. Someone no one would suspect. Momo? Nope. Appa?...

Aang crept into Appa's barn, and slipped the box inside one of Appa's saddlebags. Perfect.

Next stop, Southern Water Tribe.

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