By Waterkai and Vaznock Part of the Kyoshi Revolts continuity.
Earth Kingdom emblem
"Your going down, Princess Mitsuki!"
— Care to Mitsuki
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Earth Kingdom


115 AG

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  • Fire Nation prisoner
  • Rebel
  • Earth Kingdom
  • Kein Forest Rebellion

Care is a Fire Nation prisoner and former rebel. In 130 AG, Care was attacked and arrested by Princess Mitsuki, who eventually used the rebel clothing to successfully infiltrate the Rebel City.


Care was born to a family of prosperous Earth Kingdom citizens, who lived on a resourceful prairie with two other families, allowing them to actually call themselves Earth Kingdom citizens. Eventually, Care decided to rebel against the Fire Nation after seeing a nearby village get destroyed by Firebenders. She and her two best friends from the other families formed their rebel group. After successfully retaking a Fire Nation fortress, Kambi sent an invitation for Care to be a resident of the city. Care excitedly accepted, and the three girls began their journey to the city. Unfortunately for Care, someone was tracking them.

As Care looks through a map, the three girls are attacked by none other than Mitsuki, Tam Mee, and Quanlee. Care fights Mitsuki, though the Princess and her friends prove to be much more capable than Care and her friends. Following the battle, Care and her friends were arrested, and Mitsuki snd her friends stole their clothing, allowing them to successfully infiltrate the Kein Forest Rebel City.


  • Care was originally supposed to be named Connie, though it was decided that the name sounded too real-world.

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