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Captured by the Fire Nation Princess
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Chapter 4: Captured by the Fire Nation Princess

I have finished my journey from the Serpent's Pass. I had arrived at Full Moon Bay and told the lady that the Kyoshi Warriors and I were quitting and we left. I told the girls that Sokka had kissed me and they were shocked.

"I NEED details!" Leela had squealed. "And go SLOWLY! I need to take all of this in!"

"Okay Leela, give Suki some time to breathe," Nina had said. I had described my first kiss and the girls were shocked that I had found true love. And it was true love. Sparks of love had flown when Sokka was kissing me passionately.

Today I was in the woods with the other warriors picking berries when I saw that there were clumps of white fur and broken tree branches.

"Appa?" I wondered. I followed the trail of white fur and eventually came to a cave and I saw Appa sleeping. At the sight of me, he roared in fear and made an attempt to hide. Poor thing, I thought. He must have endured so much cruelty to be this scared of humans. I took pity on him.

"Shh, shh. My name is Suki. I'm a friend of Aang's. Here. I brought you some leaves and berries," I crooned to Appa. At the mention of Aang, Appa seemed to calm down.

"I'll come back with my friends," I assured Appa.

I came back with the girls and told them that Appa is scared of humans and told them to be gentle towards him. We slowly approached Appa and after calming him down, we began removing quills left from his fight with a boar and we also removed some shackles. We also cleaned his fur. We were just beginning to celebrate when three mongoose lizards approached. Three girls were on each lizard. Even though I didn't know the two other girls, the girl in the middle lizard I could recognize. She was Azula, princess of the Fire Nation. The girl on the lizard on the right had long brown hair and a pink outfit and bubbly eyes. The girl on the left had long black hair and a red outfit and depressed eyes.

"Ugh, the colors on their outfits make me want to throw up," the depressed girl said. Then I heard Azula say their names: Mai and Ty Lee. She commanded them to attack.

Azula then set the ground in front of Appa on fire. I drew out my fans.

"Don't you know that fans just increase flames?" Azula asked. I tried to attack her but she turned my own moves against me. Within a few minutes, we were beaten.

She threw us in a Fire Nation ship and forced us to dress in hideous prisoner uniforms. Azula then swiped three of our headdresses, makeup, and uniforms. She locked away the rest.

"Take them to the Boiling Rock," Azula commanded the captain.

"Yes princess," the captain replied and set sail. We arrived at the Boiling Rock in two days and I was separated from the rest of the Kyoshi Warriors. I sat in my cell and began to cry to myself. I cried my eyes out for a few minutes and then I dried my tears. Right them, Azula entered my cell.

"You won't get away with this Azula! Sokka will come and save me!" I threatened. Azula just laughed.

"I highly doubt that. Your true love is far away and he doesn't know your whereabouts," Azula taunted. The tears began flowing down my face again.

"Oh, and by the way, thanks for your outfits. I'm sure they'll be useful in taking down Ba Sing Se. Too bad you won't be there to witness the downfall of the Earth Kingdom," Azula said.

"Mai, Ty Lee, come on. Let's go to Ba Sing Se," Azula said sinisterly. She left my cell and slammed the door shut and locked it. I began to cry again.

That night, I stared out at the moon and prayed for Sokka to come and save me.

Author's Note

It was hard to do this chapter because I didn't really want Suki to be a damsel in distress but I kind of liked doing this chapter :)

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