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Captured is the seventh chapter of the fanon, "Rebel". It was released on November 17, 2011.


Partida and Jong confront some personal problems, and make a shocking discovery at the city of Omashu.


They hadn't said a word in the past three hours. His cheeks still illuminated the hazy day, burning red. Her face overlooked the ocean. He imagined what it would look like. Her eyes, blue beams of light, would be glimmering with embarrassment, her cheeks as fiery as his. A strand of her voluptuous blonde hair would dangle in front of her small nose, as her wide mouth curled at the ends. She was beautiful. Then why did he feel so uncomfortable?

The silence was broken as they came upon the top of a mountain, and a rush of excitement flew through his body as he recognized the great city of Omashu. It looked different than what he'd been told it looked like. Instead of being made completely of Earth, a tornado of smoke plumed out of it. Metal engulfed the city, adorned at the top by a statue of a strangely familiar person. Jong let out a giddy "yip!" as he spoke. "Partida, it's Omashu! We could go around the city asking to find an uninhabited place in the Earth Kingdom and finally live in peace!"

Partida, for the first time, turned to Jong and responded. "Uh, sure..." Jong frowned. He could tell what she was thinking. She forced a smile, but in her eyes, she had one thought: Am I crazy? And Jong hadn't stopped to think of it. But he forced himself to think. Do I like her? Are we crazy? Should we have kissed? He knew the answer. And he would never say it. But She was right. He decided to ask her. "Are we crazy?"

She didn't think. She didn't ask, "What?" She didn't bother. She already knew the answer. But she was never blunt. "I think so."

"So, that was just...a thing? Right?"

"Yeah, it was...nothing."

He nodded. There was nothing left to say. But he felt sad, and he knew exactly why. But he pushed it aside when he gazed at the city, and at its wall. A red flag dangled, on which a black symbol was printed. The symbol of the Fire Nation. And at that, a tear fell from his eye. And Partida cried with him. The Earth Kingdom was falling. And if it fell, he fell. And if he fell, he was in prison again. And if he was in prison again, he might as well die.

But he powered through. In all hopelessness and despair, he powered through. If not for him, for Partida. He stood, and made a strong face. He surveyed the mountain. And in a fit of luck, he found exactly what he needed. A cloth, large as a blanket, scarlet in color, lay just a few feet away from him. And it had a friend. As he picked up the cloth, he lifted Partida from the ground, and tossed her a cloth. "Let's go," he demanded. She didn't question. She followed him.

For he was her last shred of hope.


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