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Warning! This page contains spoilers for The Weatherbenders.

Capture of the Fire Nation


The War


Continuity of The Weatherbenders


Battles of The Tri-National Showdown


The Second Weatherbending Conflict


20 - 21 August, 102 AG


Fire Nation Capital


The Meteorologists take the Fire Nation, Zorro becomes Fire Lord, Zuko is deposed


The Meteorologists

Military of the Fire Nation




Forces involved

Members of the Meteorologists

Domestic Fire Nation forces



Some soldiers


The Capture of the Fire Nation took place during the continuity of The Weatherbenders. This battle resulted in the fall of the Fire Nation to Zorro and The Meteorologists.


In 102 AG, The Meteorologists discovered the lost art of Weatherbending, and used it to wreak havoc on the world. They began with plummeting temperatures in the Fire Nation, spiking them in Ba Sing Se, and creating a blizzard in the Southern Water Tribe. This drew Team Avatar out of their homes, and forced them to set off on a journey to learn the art. During this time, Zuko appointed General Tizou as acting Fire Lord, and left the nation in his hands.

The Meteorologists encountered Team Avatar in chapter five. Using Weatherbending and other various attacks, they overwhelmed and defeated them, including killing Ty Lee.

With Team Avatar defeated, the Meteorologists proceeded to the Fire Nation Capital.

The Battle

20 August

After their victory over Team Avatar, the Meteorologists set sail for the Fire Nation Capital. Knowing that they were heavily out numbered, they elected to combine Weatherbending with siege warfare for the first twenty-four hours. Zorro and Ezan crushed temperatures to a chilling -15°C, and Kianna along with Baktan created a large-scale snowstorm. This arrested the movements of the Fire Nation domestic forces and brought the nation to its knees. Overnight, headed into 21 August, several crops were killed, and the leaders knew they would be faced with a severe situation. Knowing this, the Meteorologists continued their Weatherbending moves up overnight to ensure the military could not move.

21 August

Soldiers firebend

Domestic forces try to hold back the Meteorologists, to no avail.

With the blizzard now having produced nearly thirty inches of snow, and the Capital crippled, the Meteorologists made their move. Domestic forces tried to move, but couldn't, and the expert benders defeated them easily, marching to the Fire Nation Royal Palace. They then knocked out the guards and a couple of generals, and cornered acting Fire Lord Tizou in the throne room. After informing Tizou of who they were and making further threats, the Meteorologists forced Tizou to surrender to them.

Results and Consequences

Fire Nation military

Zorro used his new power to rebuild the Fire Nation Military.

Tizou's surrender meant that Zuko was now officially deposed as Fire Lord, and Zorro took over control of the Fire Nation. Zorro named Ezan his successor should something happen to him.

All the meanwhile, Zorro began to build-up the military once more, and trained it in Weatherbending, which would give them great power and help them march on Zorro's desired hope for world domination. In essence, a new war was started, albeit not officially. The new Fire Lord, using the military build-up, planned for his global conquest a little over a week after the capture.

Zorro's plans would lead to the Siege of the South and the Tri-National Showdown later that year.

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