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"The First Steps"


Haku- Hah-koo

Bao Yu- Bow-You


"G'night Akari," I said before plopping down on bed, and tucking myself in. I was still tired and out of energy from the fight earlier, so heading off to sleep was not a problem at all.

Suddenly, I awoke in the night, with a start, immediately sitting up straight and alert. I thought I had heard something, which had woken me up. Seeing nothing, I crashed back down, and attempted to go back to sleep. Suddenly, I heard footsteps, and through the window a squad of men in dark masks with night-vision goggles and red spots on the forehead leaped in. I jumped out of my bed, and reached under ground and threw some rocks up to try and scare them off; but the men were too fast. Moving with stealth, one came up behind me and held me still while another made a well-aimed punch at my forehead. Everything became a blur, and I felt myself falling to the ground before everything turned black.

* * *

Slowly, eyelids opened to the sight of a truck being unloaded. We were inside of a tunnel, and I quickly remembered that I had been captured. I attempted to bend my way out, but as soon as I pulled to use my arms, they snapped back together, and I felt burns on my wrists. I was tied up, and when I looked down, my feet were as well. I began to panic, but my cries came out muffled; I had a gag on.

"Amon said to bring the prisoners to their cells," A gruff voice said behind one of the masks. Amon. The name struck a bell, but I couldn't remember where I'd heard it before. Probably from some customers at work, and I wondered if they were spying on me. Nevertheless, I couldn't help being curious about who this man was, and what he wanted with me.

"Quit daydreaming!" The second masked person said, stopping me in the middle of my thoughts.

"Wake up the other prisoners and get them out of there as well," The masked man with the gruff voice said. He struck me as more of a calm sort of person than his counterpart. The one near me —I decided to call him Angry— removed the rope from my legs and replaced it with chains. The chains were high up enough so I could walk, but low enough to prevent me from earthbending with my feet. He then grabbed the rope tying my hands together from around me, stood me up, and began to walk me outside. I nearly tripped four times, but was able to avoid doing so and thus avoided possible punishment.

He lined me up, and brought out the other captives, who looked as dazed and confused. They stared us all down, and then they tied our arms together for easy removal.

"I don't suppose you're going to tell us why we're here or anything," I attempted to say to the masked man. But all that came out was a series of "Mms".

The two led us through a series of tunnels, and into a secret wall. There was a series of carts, and an elaborate prison. They discussed with another man, and he said:

"Earthbending prison is down that way," and pointed to more cells. Whoever they were, these people were trapping different types of benders, and it looked like the other people behind me just may be my cellmates. I wondered how they knew I was an earthbender, and a thought occurred to me that this could be because of my fight with the Triads earlier. I remembered Akari's words about how mom wouldn't be pleased if she found out this was how I was taking down triads. Well, it was too late for regrets now.

I was disrupted from my thoughts yet again when I was shoved into a wooden cage. The masked men removed the chains from our arms, and quickly locked us back in. I pounded the gate, but to no avail; I truly was trapped.

There were small hanging beds inside the cell, and I crawled into bed just worrying about Akari.

* * *

I awoke to a man in a mask with two Kali sticks in his back.

"Names, please," he said.

My cellmates stood up, and in the new light I got a better look at them. There was two people, a boy and a woman, both captive with me. The boy appeared to be around 12-13, and the woman in her late 20s to early 30s. The boy said

"It's Haku, sir." And the woman stood up, and said her name was Bao Yu.

"You?" He asked me.

"Isra," I said quietly, wondering if it was wise to give my name to my captors.

"Speak up," the man said.

"Isra," I muttered a bit louder.

"Speak up now!" He demanded. I pondered my choice in giving my name out to my captors. I decided to wear my name proudly; if they were to hold me captive illegally then they had best know my name, for they would soon regret taking me captive.

"Isra!" I shouted at him.

The man removed one of the sticks from his back, and shoved it through the cage at me. I saw that it was electrified and quickly jumped back.

"Look, bender. You might be used to oppressing non-benders such as myself, but you will soon learn that your attempts are useless. The era of bending is over, you can't bend in here and you are powerless against me."

He then left, and realizing the sheer hopelessness of my situation, I sat down on the small bed provided and cried myself to sleep.


  • This chapter is the first one that is in Isra's POV.

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