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Erika Hernandez
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United States of America (United Earth)


April 1, 2114

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Commanding Officer, United Earth Ship Columbia


United Earth



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Chapter One (Star Trek: Into the Inferno)

Erika Hernandez was a Human female in the 22nd century, who joined the United Earth Starfleet. Hernandez reached the rank of captain in 2153 and was made commanding officer of Earth's second warp-five capable starship, the Columbia.

Early Life

In the beginning of her career, Erika became romantically involved with her fellow officer Jonathan Archer but the two were forced to break off their relationship when Archer was promoted, as it was inappropriate for Erika to be with a superior officer.


After serving as executive officer of the starship Republic in the early 2150s, Commander Erika Hernandez was promoted to Captain and given command of the NX-02 in 2153. Her former CO, Captain Robert Jennings allowed her to take his ship's cook with her when she transferred to Columbia. Unfortunately the ship was plagued with a continuous spate of technical difficulties that delayed her launch for over a year. When her former lover Captain Jonathan Archer arrived in February of 2154 after ending the plot to destroy Earth, she immediately sought him out at his favorite bar to work out the final details of her command.

Also, she accompanied Archer mountain climbing in California after being ordered on leave by Admiral Maxwell Forest after it was readily apparent that the stresses of the Xindi Campaign had turned Archer temporarily into a jerk. They rekindled their relationship but decided to keep it secret.

Hernandez also poached and eventually convinced Captain Archer's chief engineer, Commander Charles Tucker III to join her crew. With his knowledge and experience, the Columbia finally launched.

Erika helped Captain Archer after his ship was about to be destroyed by Klingon sabotage. The two ships merged their warp fields and Tucker crossed to Enterprise via a tether, where Commander Tucker helped repair the damage and save the ship. She then helped Archer rescue Archer's doctor Phlox from the Klingons (where he was working to cure the Augment virus which was ravaging the Empire). Tucker eventually transferred back to Enterprise, and in return she got his replacement, Commander Robert Kelby.

Imprisonment by the Fire Nation

In 2155, after receiving an extensive refit at Newport News on Earth, she was sent to run a survey of the Psi Cancri system. It was there that her ship was ambushed and destroyed by the Romulans over the Avatar world. She was rendered unconscious but was evacuated with the rest of the crew before the ship was destroyed. However, the explosion knocked some of the escape pods off course, and the lifeboats carrying the senior staff were forced to set down in the Fire Nation where they were quickly captured by Azula's forces.

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