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ST Rajim
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Ba Sing Se


Earth Kingdom

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Kingdom of Ba Sing Se


Royal Palace, Ba Sing Se


1,192 BG


? — 1,192 BG




Zhengfu (as Earth King)

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Good politician


Ba Sing Se court


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King of Ba Sing Se


Kingdom of Ba Sing Se

Cao was the penultimate King of Ba Sing Se, whose son Zhengfu became the first Earth King after uniting the continent in a series of military campaigns. While Cao lived to see the unification of the continent under his son, he did not proclaim himself Earth King, which was done by Zhengfu after his death.


Cao was born into the Ba Sing Se imperial family decades before 1,200 BG, eventually succeeding his father as the king. His father taught him how to manipulate the imperial court in Ba Sing Se to his advantage, making him an astute statesman who managed to keep the nobles from fighting each other for power or influence. While maintaining an appearance of being a cheerful, joyous man that liked feasts and celebrating, he made the illusion that he was an unintelligent leader to the noblemen. In reality, however, was actually no fool. His son Zhengfu eventually joined the army and helped Ba Sing Se conquer rival states, including Yi and Taku, for which Cao was proud of him and promoted his son to the rank of general.

He eventually promoted Zhengfu to the rank of General Field Marshal and gave him supreme command of the Ba Sing Se army, following his victory over Omashu. After then defeating Gaoling, Chin, and Tu Zin, the young man brought the entire continent under his father's control. Cao died a satisfied man, peacefully in his bed, in 1,192 BG. Since Zhengfu then was crowned as the Earth King rather than just the King of Ba Sing Se, Cao was considered to be the last true King of Ba Sing Se.


While appearing to be a foolish and cheerful man to trick any ambitious noblemen, he actually manipulated the imperial court to do as he wished, and managed to rule his kingdom longer than the majority of the other kings of Ba Sing Se using this method. He was very proud of his son for the man's accomplishments on the battlefield.


  • A picture of the character Rajim from the Suikoden series is used to depict him.
Preceded by
King of Ba Sing Se
? — 1,192 BG
Succeeded by
Zhengfu (as Earth King)

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