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ABCLAF Logo This Kataang one-shot takes place in The Fortuneteller.

Chapter Eighty-Two: Can You Hear Me?

His heart pounds. Now . . . I wonder what the predictions will be! His palms are so sweaty, but . . . I just have to find out!

Checking to make sure his boots are off, he stands himself onto his toes and attempts to tiptoe into the hallway. I need a good place to eavesdrop. Carefully, he works his way down until he comes to the silk-screened wall, and he can hear them speaking within.

"Your palms are so smooth . . ." It is the fortuneteller. Aunt Wu. "Do you use moisturizer?"

What? Moisturizer . . . ? Really? They're just going to talk about . . . moisturizer?!

She speaks next, and her melodious voice is only cut short by the subject of the discussion. "Actually, I have this special seaweed lotion."

Katara uses moisturizer? I thought she was just . . . naturally gifted. But . . . nah. She's so beautiful . . . and she doesn't even wear makeup. I wonder what she'd look like with makeup.

"I could get you some if you want."

He rolls his eyes and leans casually against the wall. This conversation stinks. Come on. I want to hear about love . . . I want to know if I'm in her future . . . I've got to be in her future. Come on! I've been traveling with her for forever. It's either me or Sokka. There can't be anyone else, because I'm sure not going to let any dumb fool join if he even thinks he can get Katara.

"So, do you see anything interesting in my love line?"

He jolts upright at the words and leans in closer, his hands on the silk. He wonders if it will break, but he knows it won't. He's just lucky like that. And maybe he'll be lucky with her, too. Come on . . . come on . . . papa needs a new pair of sky bison reigns . . .

The fortuneteller lowers her voice, and he can hear how loudly his heart is pounding with the intense anticipation. "I feel great romance for you . . ." Aunt Wu whispers. "The man you're going to marry . . ."

Come on . . . come on . . .

She interrupts, and he can imagine her kneeling on a cushion, clasping her hands together and shaking them. "Tell me more!" He grins. She's just as excited as me! What . . . who . . . He stares at the silk as if it will reveal all of the secrets.

The fortuneteller pauses, and then Aunt Wu continues, her voice rasping.

"I can see . . ."

Yes . . . ?

"That he . . . "

His heart pounds.


". . . is a very powerful bender."

The world stops.

The entire world.


A very powerful bender?

Like . . .

He grins seductively.



Ha, ha, it's the sequel to Chapter Fifty-Five, and it's only twenty-seven chapters late!

I was going to include the jump, but it felt out of place with the rest of it . . . and I couldn't include the timer going off sound effect.

"Come on . . . come on . . . papa needs a new pair of sky bison reigns . . ." -> Papa needs a new pair of shoes? No, it's not out of place. It's like the "I've been training my arrow off" joke.

"There can't be anyone else, because I'm sure not going to let any dumb fool join if he even thinks he can get Katara." -> This almost happened with male-Toph, but fortunately, Bryke intervened. Now, Zuko on the other hand . . . oh, Zutara jab!

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