By Gingalover Part of the Avatar: The Revision continuity.
Calm man
Calm Man
Biographical information
Birth place

Makapu Village

Physical description


Personal information

Aunt Wu, Meng, Makapu Village

Chronological and political information
First appearance

"(A:TR) Ep.8: Fortune Teller"

Last appearance

"(A:TR) Ep.9: The Volcano"

This calm man is one of the villagers in Makapu Village who first met with Team Avatar during his trip back. He is one of the minor characters who appear in the story.


As the name implies, he is usually calm and collected almost all the time. No matter what exactly he is put in, he doesn't show much signs of anger or stress in his words.


Nothing is known of his backstory.

This man first appeared while heading back to the village, when he came across Team Avatar. He helped Sokka out of the water after he had been showed up by a fish and gave the team an umbrella, saying Aunt Wu predicted to give it to whomever he came across. He offered to guide them back to the village and explained Aunt Wu's feats along the way. He went on saying Aunt Wu hadn't been wrong before, even after 1,950 predictions to her name. When the group got to Makapu Village, he went on explaining about the new yearly tradition of cloud reading soon after Aunt Wu had arrived and brought them over so they could see. After that was over, he gave them directions to Aunt Wu's fortune salon and then went on his way. When Sokka went off about Aunt Wu being wrong, he reminded Sokka that Aunt Wu was never wrong and that it was no different that time, since he was completely trusting Aunt Wu's predictions like everyone else.

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