By Gingalover Part of the Book Seven: Order continuity.
King Caesar
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Asami Sato (descendant)

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Ep.8: Insight

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Ep.9: The Battle at Laghima's Peak

Caesar is a rough Shadow Nation ruler, one of a number of souls that escaped the Soul Grove thanks to Vintana's involvement. He has a deep hatred for the other nations of the world and would be happy to kill them if he got the chance.


Not much is known of his past before appearing in the Soul Grove. He was once the ruler of the long extinct Shadow Nation before he died, being part of the royal family line. His soul was sent to the Soul Grove, but he managed to escape thanks to Vintana. However, his escape wasn't planned by Vintana, and he managed to get into the physical world without anyone knowing.

His travels soon got him appearing near the Eastern Air Temple, and he soon attacked the residents with his shadow orbs. His firing managed to get many of the acolytes, except for Meelo and Rohan. When he found it out, he kidnapped Meelo and tied him up in his castle, managing to get Rohan during that time. Caesar tried to kill them inside, but he was unsuccessful, despite having dropped Rohan into his cauldron. While Meelo and Rohan both escaped, Caesar was killed again when his tower collapsed on him.


Caesar was shown to have a lot of physical strength, able to easily lift and throw around Meelo with little effort. On top of that, he also possesses a good amount of skill in shadowbending and was able to use it to attack his enemies with depression-educing orbs.


  • He is the only enemy to not have faced the Avatar during his appearance.

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