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Titans Return

The night rolled onward as Smile Dog, Adjula and Ghost were still traveling to a secure location while Toph was still tied up thanks to Ghost's tail. Toph couldn't budge, and she had no idea what's going on with Tennessee now. Toph's fingers just scraped the ground, so she can sense Smile Dog feeling kind of frantic. Smile Dog never exactly felt pretty good like this, upon account that his last mission didn't end like he planned it too


"WHAT?! YOU'RE WITH US?!?!" Smile Dog gasped. In 1000 BC, Dash had just showed them that she was with them the whole time. Smile Dog didn't really enjoy this. Here was a girl, who tried to KILL him, and now she goes on saying she's been with them the whole time?!

"You...but I-...BAH! I'll deal with you later, but right- (sees Pipsqueak trying to break out) Hang in there! Just toss them in!" Dash went over to help Ghost but after a few seconds...oddly...everyone's eyes were behind him.

"What?...something in my teeth?"

"Uh dude...behind you!" Dash shouted.

"Ha HA! Very funny, like I'm going to keel over for that old- (notices a large shadow loom over him)...uh..." Smile Dog slowly turned around to see what he least expected...a tall. Robed man. With a giant sword.

"OH GOD!!!" Was all he could say before the killer sliced the gigantic sword on him...all he could remember afterwards was seeing Katara with a strange note...and escaping through the portal...

-end flashback-


"AH!...what is it?!"

"You won't get away with this! I'LL FIND YOU!!" Toph snapped, trying to break out. Smile Dog wasn't in the mood for this.

"Look brat, you're lucky I don't kill-hall you on the spot. Now shut up and let's go. Adjula, you holding up okay?"

"Just fine, Smile Dog. If only she would quit squirming, though." Adjula said, trying to make her stop.


Meanwhile, Tennessee is having his troubles with Toothpick. He managed to beat most of his guards but Toothpick was still on his tail. Tennessee and Toothpick are now at a stand off with each other, guns aimed at one another, sun just rising, they're both right by a canyon.

"I had enough with you! I'm going to throw you into the deepest, darkest pit and THROW AWAY THE KEY!!!" Toothpick laughed.

"HA! You can't catch me with a bolt of lightning!" Tennessee yelled. They both took aimed at each other, just itching to shoot each other. Each counted out the seconds before pulling the trigger...but then...

"1...2...3!!!" Before anyone fired though...


Tennessee and Toothpick stopped and turned to the canyon...and saw Toph, Smile Dog, Ghost and Adjula about to go through!

"Toph, shut up!" Ghost said.

"Toph? She's down there?" Tennessee saw her stuck down there, about to be thrown inside! Toph was trying to struggle out, to no luck. She was about to be thrown into it when suddenly gunshots were being rang out at them! Adjula was jumping and Ghost accidentally loosened his grip, enabling Toph to get free! Smile Dog tried to grab her, but Tennessee's shooting was keeping him back! Toph kept running but Ghost grabbed her foot and knocked her down!

"LET GO!!"


"Ghost? Pull her in, it's not that hard." Ghost aimed his head to where Ghost was looking...Smile Dog was starring at the same face from before!...with the same blade!!

"Not again."

Smile Dog was then sliced in the head again, knocking him out. Ghost was hit too, and Adjula jumped through the portal back to the group before he can get hit. Toph got up and turned to the figure...but it was gone before she can say anything. Tennessee slid on down. As for Toothpick, he ran off before he even thought of seeing this killer.

"You okay, Toph?"

"Yeah, Tennessee. I'm fine. Thanks so much for saving me." Toph said.

"No problem, Missy...hey, what's that?" Tennessee found a strange note right at Toph's feet. Toph asked him to read it, since she's blind. But the note oddly landed in her hands. The note at first didn't seem very weird...until her hand was placed on it. Oddly, a vibration came from the paper, and she only read off this...


"Secure?...that's weird." Next it read off this...

-the words below will restore you: I. Toph. Will be the A.T.-

Toph wasn't sure if it'll work...but she said the words anyway. She oddly felt something return to something's being added back.

"You okay, Miss Toph?" Tennessee asked. In her prime, she started to make tough poses...and began to earth-bend again!! Tennessee was speechless. His gun falling out of his hand.

"Told ya I'm tough."

"Whoa...that's the most awesome thing I've ever seen!" Tennessee said. Toph gave him a thumbs up. But then she gotten a bit downhearted.

"Tennessee. I want to thank you for helping me when I arrived here. But I have to go home to my own world now." Toph said.

"I understand Toph. You got your own prairie, I got mine. See ya later partner." Tennessee said. Toph however felt something else on that if writing something else...

-say the words for home: Ha-nu wa-mi fu-nu shi-ti-

Toph said those words and the portal changed again...Toph gave Tennessee a goodbye hug...and left...

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