Kyoshi Warriors
Burning Attack
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August 13, 2010

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Fanon:Chapter Two: Burning Attack

Pan and Myo

Pain was all Jason could feel.

All his senses seemed to only point to pain.

For now, his whole being was pain.

The only other thing he could sense was a distant whispering, as if someone very far was trying to call to him. He tried to answer, but they could not hear him. He tried and tried, but no sound came out other than the grunt of his pain, and he couldn't even see who was talking, as everything was pitch black. But then, he felt like someone was lifting him up. Even better, the more he was lifted, the more pain ebbed away. After what seemed like hours of pain, he finally felt relief. He also sensed light, and looking above him, he saw a prinprick of light. Having no other light, Jason pushed himself up more, until he was face to face with the light. The light was a lot bigger than he expected. Instead, the circle was as big as him. Cautiously, he placed his hand on the circle. In an instant, he saw a flash of light.

Jason woke up to the smell of tea. Looking around, he realized he was in a warm bed, with a platter of food and tea placed on the table next to him. He sat up on the bed and looked around. The room was plain as rooms could go. Flowers, a picture of an old man, the bed, and table were the only things in the room. However, what caught his attention the most was the wall, which was very unique. Instead of the wall being one huge slab, it was made up of hundreds of small shapes, like a puzzle. Even more intruguing, the pieces were shaped like different animals or people. It was amazing and beautiful at the same time.

"So it seems you have seen some of my husband's work."

Jason jumped and quickly turned around, only to find an old woman smiling at him.

"Your husband made this?" he questioned

"Yes. Amazing isn't it? My husband is a very good carpenter. He was inspired by a challenging puzzle he once tried to put together."

"Wow... He must be mad."

"Acually, I consider him a genius, but others do call him a madman, so your comment does have some merit."

"Okay, I guess... Anyway, where am I? How did I get into your house?"

"I brought you here. Well, my husband carried you." The old woman laughed, but seeing Jason not laughing, she continued "I found you on the beach while I was walking. The tide was coming up, so I got my husband to bring you here. You were pretty bruised up, but we were able to patch you up."

"How long was I asleep?"

"Only for a day. The tea we gave you worked wonders. Well eat, then meet me outside at the garden. My husband was worried about you."

After breakfast, he was able to see the rest of the house. Much like the room he was in before, the rest of the house was simple, but with an air of elegance. The wall here was like in his room, but the pieces instead were shaped like volcanoes, mountains, and every other landform he could think of. The outside of the house was even more strange. The roof was shaped so that it seemed like it was flat, and the house was the same way. Out back, he was expecting a huge garden with weird plants, but instead, their garden was... normal. He saw the old woman at the edge of the garden, and went to talk to her.


"Oh, hello! By the way, what is your name? I forgot to ask you when you woke up." The woman asked.

"Jason, and you?" Jason asked.

"Pan," Pan smiled, and looked over to the garden, where an old man was bent down in the brush, oblivious to them.

"That is Myo. He works more in the garden now, growing most of our food. He was pretty worried about you. Go talk to him. He'll be happy that you woke up."

Jason walked over to the old man and bent down next to him and whispered "Hello."

The man turned to see him and said, "Ahh, if it isn't our little visitor. How was your nap, little guy?"

Jason knew he was being smug, so he retorted, "Fine. How's your date with your vegetables going?"

Almost instantly, the old man began to smile wide. "Finally, someone who has some wit!" and the man laughed for a long while.

Seeing Jason's look, he said, "Boy, it's been a while since anyone had made a joke with me. All they said was 'master this' and 'master that'. Ugh! That's why I retired. By the way, my name is Myo."

"Mine's Jason. By the way, did you design your house?"

"Up to the very last piece. I guess you noticed the walls, and how the house looks from the outside?"

"Yea, it's amazing!"

"Well, I can tell you about it, but you must come hunting with me today."

"Sure, I've hunted before. My dad always took me for hunting trips whenever we had time."

"Well, be ready in a hour and we'll be off."

"Well, technically, I'm already done"

"And why is that?"

"Because I never brought anything with me."

Myo laughed "I'm starting to like this kid already!"

A few hours later, Myo and Jason were stomping through the underbrush, following a small herd of deer at the edge of the forest. They had left their bags back at camp and only had a bow each each and some arrows. Soon, one of the deer split from the rest of its herd to graze on a bunce of tall grass. Motioning for Jason to follow, Myo crawled toward the deer. However, the crack of a stick under Myo's knee gave their position away, and the deer started to run off.

"Dang it," Myo spat, angry at himself.

"Don't worry, I can still hit it." Jason assured.

"Hmph! I bet you can't."

"I bet I can! Just watch" Jason said.

He nocked his bow with an arrow, and finding a spot next to a tree, aimed not at the deer but right behind the herd.

"You're going to miss if you aim it there!" Myo hissed.

Jason ignored the old man, and waited as the deer ran closer to the herd. Finally, a few seconds before the deer reunited with the herd, he fired his arrow.

Myo's mouth simply fell open as the arrow found its mark at the deer's head.

Finally, he halfheartly said, "We have to get the deer before someone comes along and steals it." Jason smirked as he went with Myo to nab his kill. At the camp, as they were packing their stuff, Jason tipped over his tent, causing everything inside that he packed to tumble out and everywhere. Swearing under his breath, he began repacking, but as he looked up, he saw Myo, all ready done, leaning on the tree with the same smirk Jason had when they had nabbed the kill. Smirking back, they both started to laugh, and once they were all ready, they set off back to the house.

Back at the house, the deer that Jason had killed made for a delicious dinner. After the meal, as Jason watched as Myo and Pan started to make tea for each other, he realized he had to ask now, or there might not be another chance. When the two sat down, Jason started.

"Hey, do you guys have any kids?"

Pan and Myo looked at each other, then Myo said sadly "Unforunately, our only child died during birth, and by the time we forgave ourselves, Pan was too old to have anymore children."

"I'm truly sorry... But if there was a chance for you to have another child, would you?"

"Where are you going with this, Jason?" Pan questioned.

"I'm asking if I can stay with you. If you could be like my foster parents."

Surprisingly, Pan and Myo looked at each other knowingly, and Myo answered "I'm sorry, really I am, but the answer here must be no."

"No, no, it's okay. I didn't think you agree anyway"

"Jason, please understand, it has nothing to do with you. When we found you, with no one, we were going to ask you to stay, as we have always wanted to raise a child, even if you had already grown much. But the night before you woke, me and Pan both had the same dream."

"In it, an Avatar by the name of Roku told us that your destiny was not with us, even though we wanted it so badly," Pan continued. "And when we realized what it meant, we were both very distressed. But, in our hearts, we knew that we could not keep you here forever, and that you would eventually try to reach your true home."

For what seemed like a long time, Jason was silent, finally he said, "Will you make me a promise?"

"What is it Jason?" Pan asked.

"That even when I'm gone from your home, you will remember me, because one day, I will come back. Our destinies may not meet now, but once I get the chance, I will come back."

Myo and Pan smiled warmly, and Pan said, "Before you leave, I want to give you something back."

"What is that?"

Pan motioned to Myo, who opened a small box, and emptied its contents on the table.

"My pendant!" Jason replied. He reached for the thick, black string and rubbed his finger over the dragon the string held to.

"This thing has been passed down by my family for ages. I would never forgive myself if I lost it."

Pan smiled, and as she got his tent ready in Jason's pack, Myo said, " Remember Jason, sometimes the best things in life are what you never expect."

Pan gave him his pack, and said, "Farewell. May you have many blessings on your way." as a single tear fell down her cheek.

After Jason left, Myo replied "Do you think he was right, and that we will see him again?"

Pan only looked up at the clouds, and to her surprise, she swore in her head that she saw a transparent dragon in the sky. Hope was renewed in her heart as she answered,

"Yes. I do."

The Attack

Jason had been walking for many hours when dusk came. He was starting to unpack for the night when a huge shadow covered the ground. Jason hid behind a tree, but looking up saw, instead of a beast, a huge plume of black smoke.

"What the..." Jason muttered to himself and, trying to figure out where the smoke was coming from, went to find out its source. The reason of the smoke was obvious once he got there; A camp had been burned to the ground.

This does not look good. Maybe I can find out what happened, he thought

Jason searched the burning tents after putting them out with water from the creek nearby. The only thing he found in the tents was one metal fan. He didn't recognize the fan immeadietly, but soon a memory came into his mind of female warroirs dressed in green, and they were using the same fans in battle. Finally, he remembered; the fan belonged to a Kyoshi Warrior. Putting the fan in his sack, he spotted footprints on the ground. By the looks of them, Jason dedueced that the Kyoshi Warriors must have been attacked here, and fled. After some thought, he decided to follow the tracks.

The tracks led him near a cliff. Hidden in the trees, he could see that he had been correct. The Kyoshi Warriors had been cornered into the cliffside, and enemies surrounded them to prevent escape. Jason sneaked around the groups to the top of the cliff, where he made out a pond right on the edge, with a log lodged in the middle. Quickly, he formulated a plan, and while he worked, he could see and hear those below the cliff.

"Let us go, bandits!" one warrior cried, and Jason could tell that she was the leader of them, as she spoke with authority.

The leader of the bandits, however, wasn't impressed, and sneered "Aww, is that a threat? Because I think we're the ones who are supposed to do that."

The warrior leader glared at the man, but another girl spoke up "Suki gave you a command! You better let us go before we seriously hurt you, because I'm right about to chi-block your face!"

"Ty Lee is right! You better get out of our faces right now before we kick them out!" Suki yelled.

The bandit leader just laughed before saying, "The Burning Bandits are not afraid of a buch of girls, no matter how many dumb fans you have or whatever you use these days."

Jason was just finishing the last part of his trap when the bandit leader sneered "Now, just give us your gold. Oh, and a girl or two for our... amusement and we'll let the rest of you go, okay?"

There was no answer, and when Jason glanced down, he realized the warriors were shocked in disgust. He didn't blame them. The remark had made him want to spew as well. Knotting the last vines in place, his plan was ready for action.

Holding the vine in his hand, he went out to the ledge of the cliff and yelled "Hey!"

The warriors and the bandits looked up, while the bandit leader asked, "How do I have the pleasure of adressing you?"

"I'm Jason, and you guys are the Burning Butts, right?" Jason answered with a smirk.

"We are the Burning Bandits fool! You dare to mock us?"

"Not only did I 'dare' to, I acually did it! Now let the girls go or else!"

"Or else what? Are you going to make us all disappear?"

"Or else I'll have to give you... a bath."

All the bandits broke down in laughter, only to be shushed by their leader, who was trying not to laugh.

"Ohh, a bath. I'm so scared! Are you going to put bubbles in it for extra shine?" The bandit leader laughed hysterically.

"Well, you asked for it." Jason answered, and let go of the vine. It zipped away, making the log Jason unlodged fall onto the rock that made up the pond basin. With a mighty crash, both the log and all the pond water surged through the basin and tumbled right into the bandits. Jason ran down the cliffside to the warriors, who had been soaked by the water, but otherwise okay.

"Come on, lets get out of here while they're distracted." Jason told the leader, the one called Suki.

"No, they'll simply follow us. We fight them here while they're disorganized." Suki replied "The Kyoshi Warriors are warriors, not chickens. You go; your distraction has helped us a lot."

"No way. I came here to help you girls, and that's what I'm gonna do."

By then, the bandits had gotten up, and leader was red with anger.

"Kill... them... all!" he sputtered between his teeth, and with a war cry, all the bandits charged.

Jason charged at one of them, who was about to let loose with a fire whip. In a quick motion he jabbed at the man's right arm, between the shoulder blade and the rib, causing the arm to go slack. Then he kicked the man's leg out from under him, causing him to tumble. He grabbed the leg while the bandit was in mid-tumble and pulled back, making the man's head slam on the ground and knocking him unconscious. Jason then pulled the man up and threw him at another behind him, and both bodies rolled away. But two more took their place, and Jason began to fight them.

Meanwhile, Suki and Ty Lee were helping the rest of the team fight off the bandits. Suki was blocking bandits left and right using her fans. Ty Lee was also fighting hard, chi-blocking any bandits that got into her reach. Ty Lee noticed Jason, a short distance away, chi-blocking some bandit's arm before taking him down.

How does he know how to do that? Ty Lee thought and decided to ask him once they got out of this mess.

The bandit leader fought with intensity, and no one could get near him. He noticed his men were being taken down though, and quickly found the reason. Ty Lee was chi-blocking all his men! In that instant he knew what he had to do.

The next few seconds seemed like forever to Jason and the others. The bandit leader shot lightning at Ty Lee, who wouldn't be able to dodge it in time. Jason, who was closest to her, saw the bolt and leaped in front of it. He quickly put his two fingers out as the bolt hit it. Jason could feel the electricity rush through his body. By instinct he shot his other arm forward and the lightning followed it, shooting out of Jason and right into the bandit leader, who was shocked, before being blasted away. Jason wasn't able to celebrate, as he passed out from the effort.

The bandits looked at each other, then at the warriors, and they all ran. The warriors didn't cheer, merely ran toward their fallen comrade.

"You two, go get some water from the creek and our medic supplies we stashed in the trees near here. We need to treat this burn. You, Eli! I want you to go to the top of the cliff and see if Jason has any stuff up there. Come on! I gave you orders, move!" Suki commanded as the wariors scurried along. "As for the rest of you, I want camp set up here now."

A few minutes later, Eli came back with Jason's pack. "Thank you, Eli." Suki said, and when she left Suki and Ty Lee searched his pack.

"He has a tent in here. Good, we'll be able to reconize which tent he's in if we use this."

"Hey! He has my missing fan!" Ty Lee exclaimed, holding up the fan.

"You were missing a fan?" Suki asked.

"When those bandits attacked us, I took it out, but I dropped it when we fled. I thought I never see this thing again. Though how he got it I have no idea."

"There's a lot of things I want to ask him, but first we got to make sure he'll be okay." Suki stated.

"Yeah, he saved my life!" pointed out Ty Lee.

As both girls started bandaging up Jason, the only thing on their minds besides healing Jason was who he really was.

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