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"The Story of Love, Drama,
and Realizing Oneself"

Western Air Temple
Burning Air: The Zephyr Spy
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Burning Air



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Sokka Jr, Henryjh98


Ultimate, Acer, katorra12, Momoam15, Ty

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August 5, 2012

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Chapter 1: The Zephyr Spy

A young girl, her hair short and brown, climbed out of the secret tunnel that led to the ground above the Western Air Temple, holding a wicker basket in her hand. She was heading out in front of the other women at the temple to go pick from the strawberry patches near the forest. She hummed a quiet song and skipped away, only to see a man lying on the grass ten feet in front of her. She let go and ear-splitting scream, dropped her basket, and turned around. The little girl scurried down the tunnel and went to go warn the sisters.

A few minutes later, she burst out of the tunnel and ran to the nearest Nomad, a sister walking by with a book in her hands. The girl tugged on the sister's robes, saying, "Sister Yoi, there is a man at the top of the temple! A man!"

"What do you mean, Hia?" asked Sister Yoi.

"A man is lying down at the top of the temple! He is hurted!" she said, talking in five year-old grammar.

"No, Hia, he is not hurted, he is hurt!" Sister Yoi corrected.


"Now, I will go up there," the sister said. "You find Mother Superior and bring her and the Council up there with yourself."

"Yes, Sister!" said Hia, turning and running away. She ran across one bridge and through a tunnel. She found Mother Superior, Lily, meditating with the Council of Elders at the edge of a platform. "Mother Superior!" Hia broke the silence,"Mother Superior!"

Lily's eyes snapped open and she turned to Hia, frustrated. "Hia, we are meditating!"

Hia breathed heavily. "But there is a man at the top of the temple and Sister Yoi is up there! We gotta go with her!"

"A man, you say?" asked the Mother Superior.

"Yes, missus!"

"What kind of man?"

"How am I supposed to know? He was lying down! He looks hurt!" Hia covered her mouth with her small hands. "I mean he was hurt."

"Come sisters, we must hurry." said Lily.

The five other sisters stood up and rushed after Lily who was heading towards the tunnel. Hia followed quickly behind them. They reached the door that led to the tunnel and crawled up, getting to the clifftop in a few short minutes. The man lay motionless, fifteen feet away from the entrance, face down.

Lily shuddered at the sight of Yoi leaning over the man. "Oh my," she gasped. "What happened?"

Yoi looked up. "He has been severely burned and his shoulder has a deep stab wound. He is in terrible condition."

"We must heal him!" said one of the sisters.

"But he is a stranger! We don't know him!" another one protested.

"Silence!" Lily raised her voice. "We will heal him. It is not the Air Nomad way to cast aside a person in need. Yoi, Sama, take him to the infirmary. We will question him when he wakes."

The two women nodded and made a soft cushion of air underneath the man. He floated up, levitating in the air, between the two women as they carried him down the tunnel. The sister who offered that they needed to heal the man stepped next to Lily. "What are you going to do about this?"

Lily sighed. "I will send a letter to Monk Gyatso. Then I will drink some lychee juice and meditate."

"Privately." she added, with a side glance at Hia.


Back at the Southern Air Temple, the doors to the council's chambers were thrust open by a blast of air. All the members turned around in amazement to see Monk Gyatso. He looked out of breath.

"He's gone! He's gone!" he yelled in a breathy gasp.

"Slow down, Gyatso," stated the head elder, "Who is gone?"

"Aang." Gyatso regained his usual composure.

The elders appeared to be in shock. It was only a week ago that they had revealed to the twelve year old that he was the Avatar, and that his duties as Avatar will be needed in the near future. The councilmen looked at each other, and the head elder turned to Gyatso.

"You do know what this means?" he asked calmly

"Yes, but he isn't. . ." Gyatso started to say after being cut off by the head elder.

"Kyfu," he yelled, "come in here!"

There in the hallway stood a twelve year old boy, with a cleanly shaven head that displayed his new arrow proudly. He gingerly walked in and bowed to the council, and took his place next to Gyatso. The head elder then shot a blast of air between them and closed the doors.

"Now, without anymore interruptions, shall we continue?"

"As I was saying, he isn't ready. He just mastered all thirty-six tiers. He can't possibly complete the task." said Gyatso.

"You're talking about me, aren't you?" Kyfu interrupted.

"Yes," said the head elder, irritated the boy had talked out of turn.

Another elder pointed at Kyfu while looking at the head elder, "It's ludicrous to suggest that boy could accomplish what even an Avatar could barely do!"

"The Avatar?" Kyfu questioned. "You mean Aang?"

Ignoring Kyfu, the elder continued, "With the Avatar gone, we are in far more danger than before!"

Kyfu stunned by the elder's last comment spoke out. "Aang is gone? Where is he? What happened? I want to know what is going on!"

Gyatso instantly tried to comfort Kyfu. But Kyfu just pushed him away. "Kyfu!" he shouted. The young airbender ignored Gyatso, focusing all his attention on the head elder who sat calmly on his mat, stroking his beard.

"Kyfu," he said, "it is time we told you the truth."

Gyatso, shocked and appalled, turned to face the head elder. The elder locked eyes with Gyatso, and nodded his head.

"It's time."


In a small room inside the Western Air Temple, Hikaze woke up to a surprise: two female Air Nomads tending to his wounds. Still in a daze, he attempted to sit up, but one of the airbenders rushed over to his side.

"Where. . . where am I?" he asked. "What is this place?"

"Relax," her voice calm and soothing. "You are at the Western Air Temple, you are safe here."

"How did I get here?" He still felt weak and dizzy.

"We found you severely injured outside the temple. You were unconscious... so we brought you in and began to heal you."

"Thank you."

"We Air Nomads will never turn down an injured person," said the second woman. "My name is Sama, by the way."

"And I am Sister Yoi," said the first woman, with a warm smile.

"Hikaze" he croaked.

"Greetings, Hikaze," Sister Yoi said warmly. "How are you feeling?"

His throat felt dry, his stomach empty.

"I guess I feel pretty hungry, and thirsty." He couldn't remember his last meal.

Yoi turned to Sama. The young woman nodded and walked out of the room. Yoi turned back to Hikaze. "Sama will bring you some food, and then Mother Superior will ask you a few questions."

Hikaze nodded, "Thank you."

He then closed his eyes to allow himself a short nap before his food came.

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