Burning Air: The Master State
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Burning Air



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Sokka Jr, Henryjh98


Ultimate, Acer, Katorra12, Momo, Ty

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September 23, 2012

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Chapter 5: The Master State

"Young airbender, I am Avatar Yangchen," said the female nomad with an air of confidence and importance.

Kyfu was in complete shock; Yangchen, Avatar Yangchen was standing right in front of him. Oh my spirits, I'm in the Spirit World. Kyfu quickly turned around to see a great expanse stretching out in all directions. A blanket of clouds continued as a far as the eye could see, with the occasional rocky mountain tops breaking through. Suddenly he felt a hand rest on his shoulder.

"Do not be frightened Kyfu, there is no need to worry. Here, you are safe," Yangchen mused.

Kyfu turned to the former Avatar and bowed. "Please forgive me master, It's just. . ." he began, before being interrupted.

"I know that you have many questions, and they will all be answered soon. But first you must follow me," she urged. She brusquely turned away and began to take steady strides.

Kyfu nodded, and walked behind the Avatar. Out of the mist, a large sky bison rose, and landed next to the two airbenders. Kyfu attempted to jump up onto the bison, but to his surprise he couldn't bend.

"I can't bend. I can't bend!" he shouted, looking at Yangchen with sheer panic.

"It's alright, young Kyfu. When you cross over into the Spirit World, the bending abilities you possess in the mortal world do not work," she replied with a kind expression.

"Okay, I was nervous there for a second." Kyfu walked up the tail of Yangchen's bison, and sat down in the saddle.

"Yip, Yip." Yangchen's bison took off and flew into the clouds. She turned to see Kyfu sitting, looking out into the distance. "I wish it didn't have to come to this, the whole world as he knows it is about to fall apart," the Avatar thought darkly.


Leaning out of the window, into the cool night air, Hikaze could see a blue light emitting from the darkness. It seemed to be coming from a room just down the hall. Could it possibly be the Avatar? The Avatar State produces the same glow, he thought. Hikaze cringed as the cold mountain winds licked his wounds. "I suppose I'm not yet healed. Blast, how does Sozin expect me to complete my mission, if I'm still wounded? I will have to find a way, I always do. Leave it to Hikaze to do the impossible," he said, sighing. With his side still aching, he turned back towards his bed, before stumbling onto the ground.

"Blast!" he moaned, while getting back up onto his feet. He grabbed his wound, and limped towards the bed. His body ached all over, but he persevered. Hikaze was used to pain.

"I was once the Fire Nation's greatest solider, and now look at me. I have been sent on a suicide mission, and my country thinks I'm a traitor" he muttered. As he lay back down, he reminisced on his childhood. No scorching burns, nor flesh sears, could ever be compared to his past life. A single tear slipped down his cheek.


"Hello, young Kyfu." said a scruffy man's voice.

Kyfu looked to see four shadows in front of him, surrounded by a thick mist. As the mist began to clear, he saw that each of them were of the four nations. When Yangchen came into view, it suddenly became clear. These people are the past four Avatars. Avatar Kuruk of the Water Tribe, Kyoshi of the Earth Kingdom, and Roku of the Fire Nation.

Yangchen stepped forward towards Kyfu. "It is time you learned of your destiny, and of the Master State."

"The Master State is a defense mechanism. Designed to empower you with all the knowledge and skills of the past Master benders." Roku stated.

"The aurora, a combination of all the past benders, focusing their energy through you," Kuruk said.

"You are at your most powerful in the Master State, but you are also at your most vulnerable," Kyoshi added.

"If you are killed in the Master State, the reincarnation cycle in your element will be broken, and the Master Benders will cease to exist in the Air Nomads." Roku concluded.

Kyfu stood blank, staring at the past Avatars.

"Young airbender," Yangchen said as she stepped forward. "You are the last hope for the Air Nomads. A war is raging, and our very existence is on the line. Only by mastering your role as a Master Bender, will you be able to save your people."

"Yes, a war is coming," Roku added. "You world will be engulfed in flames. Fire Lord Sozin is planning on expanding his nation and dominating the world. It is up to you, and the airbenders to protect it, until the Avatar returns. The fate of the world rests in your hands, Kyfu."

"Until the Avatar returns? You mean Aang! What happened to Aang?" Kyfu demanded "He's the Avatar, he should be helping fight this war, shouldn't he?"

"Aang has vanished, but we feel he is still alive, somewhere. He is our hope, as you are, and hopefully he will return," Roku replied, maintaining a calm air.

Kyfu stood his ground. "But I'm not ready! I just mastered all thirty-six tiers of airbending, and I mean, I'm just a kid. How do you expect me to do all of this? I need help!"

"Kyfu, there comes a time when we must accept our destiny. Yours is to save your people, but do not worry, even as Aang may be gone, you will have friends to help you," Kuruk comforted in his kind, collected voice.

"Remember Kyfu, the fate of the world rests in your hands," repeated Yangchen. She and the other Avatar's began to fade into the mist.

"Wait, don't go! Who is supposed to help me? I have so many more questions. You can't leave." Kyfu ran towards them in desperation.

"Don't worry, young airbender. We will meet again very soon." All four figures melted into the cloudy background, leaving a confused and shocked Kyfu standing there.

He was now alone in the Spirit World, with no idea on how to get out. Kyfu walked around on the small rocky platform and looked out onto the horizon. Everything was so peaceful and tranquil here.

"Well it looks like I might be here for a while, I might as well meditate on these recent events," he muttered, despondent.

Kyfu sat on the rocky platform and crossed his legs. As he put his fists together, a strange sensation came over him. An air sphere began to form around him, and then the blue aura appeared. Everything began to go black, and suddenly he found himself just floating in the empty black void. He shut his eyes, hoping somehow he will wake up back in his room.

"Umph!" Kyfu gasped, as his eyes opened to see he was in his still on his room. He stood up and walked towards his window. As he looked out, a breeze flowed through his garments. Kyfu looked out towards the horizon to see the snow covered peaks of the Patola Mountains, and he held out his hands and created a sphere of air. With relief, he realized he was back in the real world.

A fierce look covered his face and he glared out at the landscape, anger boiling up in him.

"Come and get me Sozin, because you are in for the fight of your life..."

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