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Burning Air: Last Resort
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Burning Air



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Sokka Jr, Henryjh98


Ultimate, Acer, katorra12, Momo, Ty

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August 13, 2012

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Chapter 2: Last Resort

Inside the Elders' chamber, all was quiet. The five elders and Gyatso were all looking at Kyfu, who seemed completely confused. He just sat there trying to take in everything. Just finding out your friend has disappeared and that you're the last hope for the Air Nomads is a lot for a twelve year old boy to take in. Not to mention that he earned his tattoos only a few days prior.

Finally Kyfu regained his composure and summoned the courage to speak. "Brothers, what is going on?" he said in a calm voice.

"Kyfu, the world is in great conflict right now, and the Air Nomads are caught in the middle," said the head elder.

"What conflict? I thought the world was enjoying a time of peace and prosperity?" he questioned.

The head elder glanced over at Gyatso. "Old friend, I think its time you tell Kyfu, what Avatar Roku told you," he said.

Gyatso turned to the young airbender, "Kyfu, you know that Avatar Roku and I were good friends."

"Yeah, I knew that, but what does Roku have to do with all of this?" he said, befuddled by the entire situation.

Gyatso sat down and began to tell his story. "Kyfu, thirty-seven years ago Avatar Roku told me about a fight he had with Fire Lord Sozin. Sozin wanted to united the world under the Fire Nation flag, and he began invading and colonizing the Earth Kingdom. Well, Roku found out about the colonies, and challenged Sozin's judgment. They dueled and eventually Roku destroyed the Palace, in response to Sozin's actions. However, after Roku died, Sozin took advantage and began invading and colonizing more of the Earth Kingdom territory. He becomes more and more aggressive by the day. Roku warned me that if Sozin ever was to follow through with his plans, he wouldn't stop with the Earth Kingdom. He would come after us as well."

After Gyatso finished his story, all the monks could see on Kyfu's face was pure shock.

"Sozin wants to take over the Air Temples?" Kyfu reasoned. "So that's why I'm the last resort for our people as you said earlier. Isn't it? You want me to take Aang's place, and defend our people."

The elders looked at each other, with amazement. They didn't think Kyfu would realize everything so quickly. But Kyfu was a smart kid, he was second in his class, only behind Aang. And now he is their last resort.

"Yes Kyfu, you are our last resort if the Fire Nation tries to invade and take over us nomads," he said, while stroking his beard. "You also are the only airbender capable of unlocking the master state."

"I've never heard of the master state," Kyfu said.

"The master state is the most powerful ability a bender can unlock. Similar to the Avatar State, a faint blue aura forms around you, and you have nearly unlimited power and knowledge of your specific element. However, only one bender from each nation can master this ability. The bender must have a pure spirit, a strong will. Kyfu, you are that bender." he stated.

"So I'm like the Avatar, but I'm restricted to just airbending?" he asked

"Exactly!" Gyatso said.

"Gyatso will teach you how to control over this great power. Kyfu, we fear that the Fire Nation may attack us within the coming weeks, and only you will have the power to hold them off." stated the head elder.

Kyfu stood up and bowed to the council and headed out the door with Gyatso. Once the doors were closed Kyfu just looked at Gyatso, with fear in his eyes. "Gyatso, I don't know what to do. First Aang's gone, and now I'm told that I'm the last hope for my people, and that I'm some all powerful airbender."


At the Western Air Temple, Hikaze woke up abruptly and jumped out the bed he was resting in, feeling a sharp pain course through his body. He looked around to find the two sisters trying to treat his wounds.

"We are sorry Hikaze," said sister Yoi. "We were trying to clean your wounds while you slept, I am sorry that we woke you."

"Ughhh!" Hikaze said, while glancing down at his side, to see the newly wrapped bandages around the burn that Sozin gave him earlier. "Its okay, thank you."

"We've never seen someone so severely injured as yourself." Sama said. "May I ask how you got those injuries?" She inquired.

"Sama!" Yoi snapped. "It is not right to ask personal questions. . ."

"It's fine," Hikaze cut her off. "Its only fair that you know how I was injured. After all, it was you who treated me." He gestured the sisters to sit down, as for it was going to be a long story, while he sat on the edge of the bed.

"It all started a few months ago. I was Captain of the Royal Guard, and one of the best firebenders in the army. Fire Lord Sozin invited me to join secret meetings with his war council. During these meetings they discussed how to claim more colonies in the Earth Kingdom. I was overwhelmed. Even though the Fire Nation is most advanced out of all the nations, it doesn't just give us a right to take over new territory. The four nations are meant to be separate for a reason. After that war meeting I decided it would be best for me to leave the army, and get out while I still . . ."

"So you just deserted?" Sama questioned.

"Yes" he replied. "When my superiors found out of my desertion, Sozin ordered them to kill me. He did not want any of his plans to get out. So, when I was about to leave on my dragon, I was ambushed. It felt like hours, but the battle only took place over the course of a few minutes. And when it was over I quickly hopped on my dragon and left the Fire Nation. The next thing I knew, I was lying here in bed, surrounded by you two," he concluded. "So, that's my story."

The two sisters looked at each other, and Sister Yoi walked over to Hikaze. "You are an honorable man, for what you did." She said.

"I did what I had too." he replied, with a smile.

"It's a shame that you have to go."

"What, you're sending me off? But I'm not healed yet?" Hikazed questioned with a shocked look on his face. He turned towards Koi, looking for an answer.

"As much as we enjoyed talking to you Hikaze, we have to send you to the Southern Air Temple," she replied. "There, you will be taken care of, and finish your recovery. I'm sorry you must go, but here at this temple, we do not have the healing skills required."

"I understand," he replied "Thank you for your hospitality."

"You're welcome," she said warmly.

"Now you need to rest, you have a long trip ahead of you tomorrow," she instructed while laying him back down.

Hikaze smiled. The two sisters finished bandaging his wounds, and left to prepare for his trip to the Southern Air Temple.


Fire Lord Sozin sat on his throne. The fire surrounding the room rose every time he inhaled, and flames blew from his nostrils. Infuriated he stood up from his golden throne, and parted the flames before him as he slowly walked down. "What do you mean, there is no report?"

Sozin's top general stood before him. A veteran of many battles, in which he fought side by side with Sozin himself, and the mastermind behind the colonization of the Earth Kingdom. However now, he had to face Sozin's wrath.

"My lord, we haven't recieved a messenger hawk from the asset yet," General Kai responded in a rather calm matter, despite the circumstances.

"It has been over a week, since I sent Hikaze out on that mission, he should have made contact by now!" Sozin yelled. The flames in the room raged higher.

"Sir, Hikaze is an excellent soldier and has cheated death many times. We must be patient. I'm sure he will make contact within the next few days." Kai replied, still trying to maintain his composure.

Just as the general finished his last statement, a young officer burst through the doors, completely out of breath. Sozin immediately turned his attention to the young man.

"My lord," the officer said, trying to catch his breath. He held out his hand to the Fire Lord, and in it was a scroll. Sozin quickly snatched the parchment out of his hands, and read it furiously. While reading the flames in the room died down, and Sozin handed the message over to Kai.

"What is it my lord?" General Kai asked.

Sozin ignored the general, and turned towards his throne. As he walked up the stairs he parted the flames, and calmly sat down.

"Gentlemen, Hikaze has made contact." he stated while stroking his beard.

General Kai and the young officer looked at each other in astonishment. Neither of them thought that Hikaze would ever survive the battle Sozin put him through.

"My lord," Kai said. "What do you plan to do?"

Sozin pondered for a moment, before giving his answer. "General," he said. "Inform the War Council. Hikaze is being moved to the Southern Air Temple."

With that the two officers bowed and retreated towards the door. As the doors slammed shut the sound resonated throughout the chamber. Sozin stroked his beard while determining his next move in light of the recent events that have unfolded. He knew the comet was coming soon, and if he doesn't act fast, he would lose the element of surprise and all of his plans will be a waste. He stood up and walked towards the window. He stared out across the bay. The sky and water blended at the horizon.

"Hikaze, I'm counting on you."

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