Reaching the Eastern Air Temple
Burning Air: Deception
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Burning Air



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Sokka Jr, Henryjh98


Ultimate, Acer, Katorra12, Momo, Ty

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September 2, 2012

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The Master State

Chapter 4: Deception

The sun was setting behind the mountains, creating an amber haze across the sky. Hikaze looked up to see the astonishing view before him. It felt like they were flying through the Patola Mountain range for an eternity: still no sign of the Southern Air Temple.

"How much longer?" Hikaze sighed.

Sister Yoi turned back towards Hikaze. "We should be arriving in a few minutes," she said. Once she turned back around, the temple came into view, "We're here."

Hikaze looked out over the horizon, to see the Air Nomad architecture stretch into the clouds. It was amazing how a small city resided on mountains. He scanned the landscape, to see any access to the temple from the ground. "It's going to be damn near impossible, for any army to get up the mountain on foot. I'll have to figure out another way," he thought.

Leo bellowed, and then gracefully landed in the main courtyard of the temple. Hikaze turned to Yoi, grinning. "I guess this is goodbye then."

"I guess it is," she replied while helping Hikaze off of Leo. "Remember to take it easy, you need time to heal."

"I understand," he replied.

Monk Gyatso and the Head Elders came out of the west door. They walked along the path, until they reached Hikaze and Yoi. The head elder bowed to them both.

"Welcome, injured traveler." he stated. "I am the Head Elder of the Southern Air Temple. I hope that you will enjoy your stay here, and recover quickly."

Hikaze bowed to the head elder, "Thank you for your generous hospitality." He grabbed his side, and smiled towards Yoi, "Thank you for all you have done for me. I hope we will meet again."

Yoi blushed at his comment, while the elders and Gyatso stood in complete bafflement. But before the head elder could say anything, Yoi kissed Hikaze on the cheek.

"Me too," she said. Yoi then jumped on top of Leo and took off into the evening sky. The council looked at Hikaze, completely puzzled.

"What was that all about?" Gyatso raised an eyebrow.

Hikaze shrugged his sholders. "I got nothing," he grinned.

"Well then," Gyatso said fixing his robes, "I will show you to your room now." Hikaze bowed towards the elders, and proceeded to follow Gyatso into the temple. They walked through one of the corridors, passing a room that appeared abandoned. As they walked by, Gyatso began to ponder about Aang's fate. "I hope Aang is safe. I just wish I was able to protect him better than I did. He would still be here, if it wasn't for the council."

"How much farther to my room?" Hikaze asked

Gyatso, stopped in his place. "Oh, it's just up ahead." he replied.

"Is everything okay, Gyatso?"

"Everything is fine, just fine," he said halfheartedly.

They continued to stroll down the long narrow corridor until they came upon an open room. "This will be your room for the duration of your stay." he motioned for Hikaze to go in. It was a quaint little room, with a bed next to a dusty circular window. There was a small grass mat covering the stone floor.

"Thank you for your hospitality," he said as he bowed grabbing his side. "This room will do just fine."

Gyatso smiled, and turned towards the door. He then stepped out into the hallway and out of sight. During his walk he came across Kyfu's room. He hadn't seen Kyfu since he decided to jump out of the window to go into the master state. He cautiously opened Kyfu's door, and found that Kyfu was still unconscious from passing out earlier that day. He decided to let Kyfu recover peacefully, and closed the door. Gyatso continued on down the hall to meet with the elders.


It was the middle of the night. The entire temple was asleep. The only sound to be heard were the occasional whispers of wind.

"Agh!" Kyfu suddenly jumped out of his bed. His eyes darted around his room. The last thing he could remember was going into the master state. "The master state," he thought. "I went into the master state. I suppose that's some progress. But I need a way to control it. I really don't want to have to keep jumping out of that window. There must be another way." Kyfu sat on the edge of his bed and pondered, for a while. Whenever Aang had trouble with something, he would always sit down and meditate on it. "That's it! I'll meditate, and focus all of my energy on the master state."

Kyfu got up from his bed, and tip-toed over to the small mat lying in the corner. He sat crosslegged, and began to focus on everything he knew about the master state. "Focus, Kyfu! Focus..."

Hours passed by quietly. The air felt still and calm. Eyes closed, Kyfu listened to the steady cadence of his heartbeat. Time slowed. The light from the candles mixed with the inky darkness of the room. Kyfu breathed deeply in rhythm. His mind detached from his body as he imagined dreams and visions. He no longer felt the mat on which he sat crosslegged. The gentle wind caressed his face and smoothed over his skin. Kyfu opened his eyes. Alone, he stood on a misty, white fall. Nothing to be recognized, nothing except himself. Congratulations, Kyfu. You have entered your first master state. . . A soft, gentle, and slow voice echoed in his ears, adheres into his mind. Suddenly, a sapphire blue light surrounded the airbender, and he fell down.

Finally around the early hours in the morning, a faint blue aurora began to form around Kyfu. The glow increased intensity, until everything around Kyfu was engulfed in a bright azure glow. He wasn't in his room anymore. Right before his eyes, a female airbender, who looked somewhat familiar, formed in front of him.

"It's time you learned about the master state," she said.

Kyfu, who was in astonishment, stood up and stated one question. "Where am I?"


Hikaze couldn't sleep at all, his side still ached from the wounds Sozin had inflicted upon him. He turned to look out his window. It was a beautiful night, the moon shined brightly upon the Patola mountain range, and the snow reflected its glow to create a sparkling white display on the mountain tops. Nothing in the Fire Nation was ever this beautiful. It had always been depressing and scorching hot.

Instantly, his view of the mountains became distorted by this bright blue light. Hikaze jumped from his bed, but the pain from his wounds caused him to cringe. He limped towards the window. To his amazement, the light was coming from a room not too far from his. Could it be? During Sozin's briefing, he had mentioned that the Avatar goes into the Avatar State when their eyes glow a bright blue. It must be the Avatar.

He sprinted over to the small leaning table in his room, grabbed a piece of parchment, and began to draft a letter to Sozin.


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