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Earth Kingdom emblem By The Bos Part of the Avatar: Guardian continuity.
Bumi eats jennamite
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Earth Kingdom



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Hair color

White (Brown in youth)

Eye color


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Weapon of choice

Earth, Metal

Fighting style(s)



Aang, Iroh, Cheng

Chronological and political information
  • King
  • Earthbending Teacher
  • Tea shop manager

Earth Kingdom, Omashu

First appearance

The Sons of Azulon Pt. 2 - Wisdom of Iroh

Bumi is the current King of Omashu, and a powerful Earthbender. He is assisting running the new branch of Iroh's tea shop, called the Jasmine Dragon of the West. He has recently agreed to teach Cheng Earthbending.

Before Guardian

After liberating Ba Sing Se, Bumi returned to Omashu to continue his reign. He kept in touch with Iroh, and completed plans to open a new tea shop. He also studied with Toph and learned the basics of Metalbending, which he excelled at. He also managed to teach her how to bend Rock candy, a skill she was doubtful of, but quickly mastered.


Bumi was first seen at the opening of Iroh's tea shop, which he would manage in Iroh's absence. He participates in the discussion between a young Earthbender and Iroh, and agrees to be his master.

Training Cheng

Bumi sends money and a note to Cheng's family, assuring them that their son is in good hands. He sends Cheng to a room in the palace to begin his studies, and attacks him with Earthbending. He retreats quickly to the palace arena, leaving Cheng hints on how to find him. When Cheng finally arrives, Bumi applauds him, and uses motions that Cheng needed to get to the arena to show him how to effectively Earthbend. Cheng finally masters the movements, and Bumi tells him to repeat the motion twenty more times, then they will feast.

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