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Bumi on his throne
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Avatar: The Last Airbender

Bumi is a character in the fanon Avatar: Energy Saga. He is also canon. He is the King of Omashu, a member of the Order of the White Lotus and one of the most powerful Earthbenders in the world. Although his city was conquered in by the Fire Nation in the final year in the War, he single-handedly liberated it during a solar eclipse. Bumi is physically fit despite his extreme age. He is over 100 and one of very few people to witness two Sozin's comets.


Early Life

Bumi was one of the many friends that Aang visited in different parts of the world before he knew he was the Avatar and before the start of the war with the Fire Nation. He was born into a well-regarded family in the Earth Kingdom city of Omashu. From a young age Bumi was eccentric and mischievous. Growing up he gained a reputation as a troublemaker and used the mail delivery system in Omashu as a giant sliding ride.

Young Bumi and Aang

Bumi with his friend Aang c. 1 BG

Although his personality remained consistent throughout his life, Bumi showed a little more maturity and responsibility as he got older. He rose to be crowned King of Omashu during the war with the Fire Nation. A powerful earthbender, he joined the Order of the White Lotus and liberated Omashu during an eclipse when his firebender guards were powerless. Bumi later participated in driving the Fire Nation out of Ba Sing Se with the rest of the Order of the White Lotus.


Shortly after the war, Bumi returned to Omashu and resumed his duties as King. A year after the war ended, Toph Beifong convinced her parents to send her to Omashu for schooling and she began to practice her earthbending with King Bumi at the suggestion of Aang. Bumi at first underestimated Toph and tried to go easy on her. But he soon realized she too was a world-class earthbender and gave him a run for his money. They developed a friendly rivalry and became good friends as time went on.

Preceded by
Monarch of Omashu
30 AG - 107 AG
Succeeded by

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