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Origin of firebending mural Zuko, something happened to Bumi's Story in the last hundred years.

This fanon has been discontinued, but is still available to read for your enjoyment.

King Bumi
Bumi's Story
How to think like a Mad Genius!
General information



Dudewaldo4 & The Bos


5 planned




Dudewaldo4 & The Bos




Avatar: The Last Airbender

Bumi's Story is an upcoming fanon about the tale of Bumi's past, written by Dudewaldo4 and The Bos. It is a part of Past, Present, and Future.

In this narrative, Bumi retells his experiences involving his meeting with Aang, his time mastering Earthbending without a master, his entry into the Order of the White Lotus, his rise into the position of power, and the early Fire Nation attacks on Omashu.


Act 1: The Slide

Main article: Act 1: The Slide

Bumi remembers how he first met Aang.

Act 2: Earthbending

Main article: Act 2: Earthbending

Bumi strives to learn Earthbending from a mysterious stranger.

Act 3: The Order

Main article: Act 3: The Order

Bumi literally "drops in" to an Order of the White Lotus meeting, joins up, and later on meets a new member.

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For the collective works of The Bos, go here. For Dudewaldo4, go here.

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