Aang and mischievous young Bumi
Bumi's Birth
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Busy Mama Katara



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Is It, Aang?

Kya is born! And helping Katara not to be the last waterbender in the whole South Pole! But, Katara has to face another.. Will she succeed in this baby or fail?



"Keep on practicing!"

"But I'm defeated!"



"What is it, Kya?"

"Mom is in trouble! There's a man in our house!"


"Uncle Sokka?"

"Katara is pregnant again! I can't even hold it! Kya! Bring some water! Warm!"

"Okay! Heahh!"

"You made it warm, didn't you?"

"Ha Ha Ha!"

"ARGHH!! It's kicking my tummy! Bad baby! I think I'll be fine.. Go practice with your dad.."

"Come on, dad!"


"First.. Battle me!"

"Are you and Mom a duel couple?"

"Yes! We ended the war together!"

"Ya ya ya.."

"Act fast!"


"Woa!! You even made a big snow wall!"

"Hmm... That's wonderful.."

8 months later

"Kya, you have grown into a strong waterbender!"

"Thanks mom.."


"What is it, Aang?"

"I bet this baby will be a boy.."


"What! So how can I play make-up using ice?"



Aang remembers his time with King Bumi..


"Yes, Bumi!"

"No! Tenzin! It's better!"


"Damn it!"

1 month later

"Katara you ever experience this! Get ready!"

"Mom! Pull! Pull! Pull!"


"Yes! PULL the baby so it will go inside so mom won't feel hurt!"

"Kya.. Get ready to see the baby! Doctors get out!"

"We will never get out! It's our duty to save you.."

"Get out or I'll kick your butts with my waterbending!"




"Now, that's better!"

"Katara? Ready!"

"Okay, Mama Katara! 1... 2... 3!! Bumi I'm ready!!"


"It's a non-bender?"


"Bumi, brother! I'm here!"

Kya is 6 and Bumi is 3... Aang is practicing with Bumi

"See this sword?"

"BROAAGHH! Yes! I am ready to be a general now!"

"First, beat me!"

"Okay! Heaahh!!!"


"Ha ha ha ha ha ha!! Wee.."


"Kya! I defeated dad!"

"What?! That's great!"


"Let's imagine if we have another baby brother which have the same cloth like dad!"


"I hope so.. So, dad won't be the last living airbender.."

Kya and Bumi are imagining..

"Yeah, a boy.. I could play with him!"

Kya waterbends child LOK vision wikia

Kya protecting Bumi.

"But he will be on my side! Ha! And we will play make up! Or I could teach him waterbending!"

"Not if he's an airbender or non-bender!"

"But, yes if he's a waterbender!"


"Wait! Look! Bad guys!"

"I can't fight first!"

"I'll protect you! SEAAHH!!"

"Yay! You won Kya!"

"Yup! I'm strong!"

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