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Bultina Silverfox Profile
ぶろちな 桜 シルバフォクス
Bultina Silverfox
Biographical information

Bultina Sakura Silverfox (birthname)
Bull, Bully


Earth Confederacy


Earth Kingdom

Birth place

Yetai Tong


Republic City


5-15 in New Cycle
18 in Books One and Two


May 10th 239 AG

Physical description





1,75 m


68 kg

Hair color


Skin color

Pale, pinkish

Eye color

Moss green

Personal information
Weapon of choice

Throwing tractor knifes

Fighting style(s)

Chi blocking (Republic City Police Department elite style), Shuriken-jutsu

Love interest(s)

Tao Tenba (boyfriend)


Hikar Firestone, Kensi, Shaila, Tao Tenba, Nikumi, Denryoku, Takeyon & Kimyona Silverfox, Sterkur Firestone, Vona Firestone, Rohan, Aria Sato, Order of the White Lotus (disbanded), Team Avatar, Avatar Korra, Raava, Kosen Silverfox


Vaatu, Red Lotus (disbanded), Flower Raiders (formerly), Yurei, Zhasha, Zeick & Deyek Sato

Chronological and political information

Defender of Humanity
Spirit Pacifist
Professional Athlete
Professional Fighter


Member of Team Avatar
Daughter of RCPD Chiefs


Silverfox family
Team Avatar
Spirit Pacifists
Republic City Police Department (internship, temporary)


Takeyon & Kimyona Silverfox (martial arts and chi-blocking instructors)

First appearance

"New Cycle, Part 1"

Voiced by

Arryn Zech

Bultina Sakura Silverfox (Bull-TEE-nuh) is a chi blocker and expert knife thrower, who is friends with the current Avatar, Hikar Firestone; she is his love interest, though she's currently in a long-term relationship with Tao Tenba since 254 AG. She's been trained since she was little by her father Takeyon and frustrated by the fact that her sister, Kosen, was a metalbender.

Physical appearance

Bultina is a well endowed young woman, of an athletic build, thin waist, and a medium-sized bust. Her measures are B80(D)-W75-H78 in cm. She's usually described "as beautiful as deadly" by her current boyfriend, Tao Tenba; she's also considered to be one of the most agile and flexible non-benders in the world. She has a rare trait only shown in the Silverfox family, her natural ginger hair, which is also seen on both her mother and her sister; she tends to wear her hair tied in a ponytail with a pink hairband, leaving two hair strands in front of her ears, and when being formal, she ties her hair in a single braid. She's also described to have moss green eyes, a particular tone which is almost close to blue, but yet seen as green.

Bultina Reference Color

Official full appearance of Bultina Silverfox (click full resolution)

When being formal, she wears a long dress consisting of pink and silver ribbons, and a long green dress, with one strand over her left shoulder, and green high heels. In her normal attire she wears a sleeveless, olive green, turtleneck jersey, as well as a pair of shorts, and sandals during summer. In her fighting gear, she adds to her normal attire a pack of ten throwing knives: four on two ribbons on her back, two each side of a grey belt, and one each ankle.


Bultina is a kind teenage girl who cares for her friends, also by how do they do. Tao, Kensi, and Shaila consider that sometimes she treats them pretty much "mother-like". When it's time to battle, she can be pretty stubborn to go where she shouldn't to risk her life, and that's a big weak point. Although, she has shown great intelligence when in stress situation, and straight up think calmly.


Knife Throwing

She's been training since she was 13, when she knew her younger sister was a metalbender and she wasn't. She's really good at it and she can even throw three knives at a time, and fortunately she has a great target shot.


She knows the art of chi-blocking, as her parents passed down all their knowledge in the technique to defend herself as a non-bender, plus the interest she showed in learning it. She can easily paralyze or block someone's bending if her opponent doesn't know much of the weak points of the technique, as well as she can block with both her fists and her tip-toes by kicking.



  • Tao Tenba: Since they were fifteen, they both have been in a romantic relationship, often with discussions between them, but when Hikar expressed his real feelings towards her, it made the relationship more unstable during the next two years. After the Red Lotus incident in summer of 257 Ag, they both became more united and supportive, solidifying their relationship.
  • Hikar Firestone: In the beginning they were just friends, but after he expressed his real feelings towards her, their relationship became more tight and distant, especially during his Avatar training.


  • Shaila: She's her best friend, and she tries to encourage her whenever she feels down or insecure about her body. After she got injured in her spine, Bultina became even more supportive, but their relationship became a bit distant.
  • Kensi: They get along pretty good, sometimes she just can't stand him, but even though she always finds a way to revenge over him.
  • Nikumi: After Hikar, she's the one who mostly rides on him, because she "likes the smoothness of the shell."
  • Aria Sato: Before they defeated Yurei, the two of them had a big rivalry, but after she sees how she faced and turned against her father, she started to develop a big respect towards her.


  • Kosen Silverfox: As sisters they get along pretty well, they even share some laughs every time and they get jealous over each other because of the other's abilities.





  • Bultina comes from the Japanese word of Burotena (ぶろちな), which means literally "blunt"; her name perfectly describes her way of speaking. Her second name, Sakura (桜), is after the Japanese cherry blossom tree, as she tends to have pink included in her color scheme.
  • She was originally set to be an orphan, but was later changed to have a better background story, as well as a sister.
  • Her measures are B80-W75-H78.
    • She has a D cup.
  • She's one of the few known natural ginger-haired characters in the world, another one being her sister and her mother.
    • The ginger hair is said to be a signature physical trait of the Silverfox bloodline.
  • She's the second love interest of an Avatar to be part of the same nation, being Hikar from the Earth Confederacy like her, the other is Ta Min from the Fire Nation like Roku.
  • She is the only known non-bender of her family, the rest of it being metalbenders.
  • She's one of the few characters whose personality and physical appearance were inspired by other various fan-arts. And the only character whose design was changed from scrap during the rewriting.
  • She shares voice actress with Blake Belladonna, from RWBY: Arryn Zech .
  • She's the second non-bender from a Team Avatar to know chi-blocking, the first one being Suki.

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