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Hikar Spiritual Force By MetalbenderParker Part of the Hikar Spiritual Force continuity.
Bultina Silverfox
Biographical information

Bull, Bully


United Earth Republics


Earth Kingdom

Birth place

Mining Village


15 in New Cycle
18 in Book 1: Metal
19 in Book 2: Energy
20 in Book 3: Aliens & Book 4: Humans


279 AG

Physical description





1,75 m


68 kg

Hair color

Dark Redhead

Eye color


Personal information
Weapon of choice

Bow and arrows, knife, Spiritual Light

Fighting style(s)

Chi blocking, Archery, Energybending

Love interest(s)

Tao Tenba (boyfriend, formerly)
Hikar (boyfriend, eventual husband)


Hikar, Kensi, Shaila, Tao Tenba, Nikumi, Denryoku, Kimyona, Takeyon, Sterkur, Vona, Rohan, Aria, Heinla Tenba, Natsuki Tenba, Order of the White Lotus, Jinora, Iroh, Team Avatar, New Airbenders, Palmex, Avatar Korra, Raava, Aye-Aye, Wengar, Kosen (formerly)...


Martian Spirits, Spirit Lord Roshmark, Heindex, Vaatu, Red Lotus, Freedom Fighters (formerly), Yurei, Zhasha, Zeraax (formerly)

Chronological and political information

Defender of Humanity
Spirit Pacifist
Professional Archer


Member of Team Avatar


Team Avatar
Spirit Pacifists
Kyoshi Warriors (temporary)

First appearance

"New Cycle Part 1"

Bultina Sakura Silverfox (Bull-TEE-nuh) is a chi blocker and archer, who is friends with the current Avatar, Hikar, and his love interest. She's trained since she was little by her father Takeyon and frustrated by the fact that her sister, Kosen, was a metalbender. After their confrontation with Hakai, she acquires energybending.


Bultina is a kind teenage girl who cares for her friends, also by how do they do. Tao, Kensi, and Shaila consider that sometimes she treats them pretty much "mother-like". When it's time to battle, she can be pretty stubborn to go where she shouldn't to risk her life, and that's a big weak point.



  • Tao Tenba: Since they were fifteen, they both have been in a romantic relationship, often with discussions between them, but when Hikar expressed his real feelings towards her, it made the relationship more unstable during the next two years. Finally, after their confrontation with Hakai, they broke up definitely.
  • Hikar: In the beginning they were just friends, but after he expressed his real feelings towards her, their relationship became more tight and distant. After she broke up with Tao, she started developing feelings towards Hikar, and they eventually became a couple and got married.


  • Shaila: She mostly gets along with her, given she's her best friend and they share the same opinion over their other friends, even her sister Kosen.
  • Kensi: They get along pretty good, sometimes she just can't stand him, but even though she always finds a way to revenge over him.
  • Nikumi: After Hikar, she's the one who mostly rides on him, because she "likes the smoothness of the shell."
  • Aria: Before they defeated Yurei, the two of them had a big rivalry, but after she sees how she faced and turned against her father, they got along good.


  • Kosen: As sisters they get along pretty well, they even share some laughs every time and they get jealous over each other because of the other's abilities.



She's been training since she was 13, when she knew her younger sister was a metalbender and she wasn't. She's really good at it and she can even throw three arrows at a time. Even one of Tao's katanas or her own knife.


She doesn't acquire it until after she and Team Avatar confronted Hakai, a battle that activated that chi in her because of an attack. Now she can give or take away someone's bending or control the spiritual light, and she can even shoot energy arrows from her bow near the spirit portals.




  • Bultina is the americanisation of Bu chi na "ぶ ち な", that literally means Do Lovely Idol Chi, which comes: "Bu" Lovely Idol, of what she means to Hikar, "chi" about her chi-blocking abilities, and "na" means "do", but that was just for making the name sound cooler.
  • She's the first redheaded character and the first person to energybend other than the Avatar.
  • She's the second love interest of an Avatar to be part of the same nation, being Hikar from the United Earth Republics like her, the other is Ta Min from the Fire Nation like Roku.
  • She was the only non-bender of her family, the rest of it being metalbenders.
  • She's one of the few characters whose personality and physical appearance were inspired by other various fan-arts.
  • She's one of the few characters in the whole Avatar Universe to have surname.

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