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Fire Nation

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28 AG

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Fire Nation Rebel Army, Zuko, Aang


Zorro, Ezan

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Military general


Fire Nation, Fire Nation Rebel Army

General Bujing is a former High General, and a current leader of the Fire Nation Rebel Army, aiming to topple the reign of Fire Lord Zorro.


Early life

Bujing was born very early in Azulon's reign, and found his Firebending abilities at the age of five. He was raised into a family of warhawks, and quickly jumped on board in support of the War effort. At age 18, 46 AG, he happily agreed to join the military and rise through the ranks.

Military career

In 51 AG, Bujing was temporarily transferred to the Navy to assist in the Southern Water Tribe raids. For seven years, he helped to raid the tribe of all its existing Waterbenders. It was reported that he captured over 100 Waterbenders, but these numbers may have been exaggerated by his superiors.

Regardless, when he returned to the army in 58 AG, his accomplishments led him to the rank of lieutenant-general. For the next ten years, Bujing served in the fourth corps of the army, helping assist in the capture of several Earth Kingdom villages.

In 68 AG, Bujing was promoted to brigadier general, and served another seven years in this position. After further war accomplishments throughout the Earth Kingdom, Azulon promoted him to High General in 75 AG. This meant that Bujing's time fighting was over.

For the rest of the War, Bujing was tasked with forming war strategies and troop movements throughout the world.

Conflict with Zuko

In 97 AG, Bujing's 22nd year as High General, he was involved in a war meeting where he proposed plans to the other High Generals and Fire Lord Ozai. He made a recommendation to use new recruits as "fresh bait" against Earth Kingdom forces. Then-Prince Zuko protested this plan, angering Ozai, his father. Zuko would later be forced to Agni Kai his father. Bujing was quite satisfied with Zuko's dismissal, believing the Prince to be a weak, disobedient boy.

Rest of the War

Bujing served the last three years of the War in the same High General position. He helped craft further strategies, and also provided status reports.

When the War ended, and Zuko became Fire Lord, Bujing was left in a precarious position. Chances were Zuko would dismiss the old general, and would force Bujing into a retirement he didn't yet desire.


Shortly after Zuko's coronation, Bujing spoke with him about retaining his position of High General. He apologized to the new Fire Lord for doubting him, and for all of his acts during the War. Now a humbled man, Bujing had seen the error of his ways. Zuko accepted his apology and allowed Bujing to remain as a High General, helping to negotiate peacetime plans and exit strategies.

In 101 AG, Bujing's experience helped Zuko bring an end to a rebellion against him, dispersing the opponents from the Capital rather swiftly. His movements of some troops also helped bring General Tizou to power.

Loss of power and rebellion

When Team Avatar was defeated by the Meteorologists, the group, led by Zorro, launched the Capture of the Fire Nation, which led to acting Fire Lord Tizou losing power. Bujing was ejected from his High General position by the new Fire Lord, Zorro, the first time in 56 years he was out of the Fire Nation military.

However, he quickly met with Generals Tizou and Azai, and together the three established the Fire Nation Rebel Army, crafting the Rebellion Against the New Reign. Bujing conflicted with Tizou early on over strategy; Bujing preferred a strategy of capturing small towns to build the army further, while Tizou wanted to take the Capital directly. Tizou's strategy was agreed to, but it failed. The two generals again conflicted, but eventually overcame their differences. Bujing's strategy was agreed to, and it was successful, as the Rebel Army took several towns and gained several hundred men for a better strike on the Capital.

This second strike, launched on 14 September, was also joined by Zuko and Avatar Aang. However, Bujing and the other generals convinced the two to hold off on the first day. Between the two days of battle, Bujing and his allies made the decision to enter the fight themselves, including the Avatar and the currently deposed Fire Lord.


A long-serving soldier, General Bujing is a tough, rock-solid man. He is strict and does not take much in the way of defiance. This part of his personality came through in some conflicts with Tizou. He is very smart in war strategy, mostly thanks to his 27 years as a High General.

On the other hand, some of this personality has worn down with the end of the War, especially as he was quick to apologize to Zuko when he became Fire Lord. He has been more humble and less of a so-called "warhawk" in the past two years. However, he still retains most of his toughness, even as he advances into his 70s.


Bujing is a skilled Firebender. Like his fellow generals, he knows several master-level moves. However, thanks to being off the battlefield for almost three decades, he hasn't used his skills very often. He does try to train regularly to avoid getting rusty, in case the day comes that he needs to use his Firebending skills again.

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