Origin of firebending mural Zuko, something happened to Building of Republic City in the last hundred years.

This fanon has been discontinued, but is still available to read for your enjoyment.

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Building of Republic City
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Adventure Time Fan 12


Adventure Time Fan 12


Adventure Time Fan 12


Avatar: The Last Airbender


The Legend of Korra

Building of Republic City is the fanon series after the The Legend of Korra. It shows the building and future of Republic City.


The series is about after the Hundred Year War, the creation of United Republic of Nations (a.k.a. Republic City). It starts out after the search for Ursa (Zuko's missing mother) is successful Aang and Zuko decide that they can create a Republic Nation where everyone can live in peace and harmony. The city was finally finished around 130 AG. Aang named Republic City the capital, but Zuko moved back to the Fire Nation because he was Fire Lord but would visit most of the time. Avatar Aang and his family moved to Air Temple Island and lived for the rest of his life until his death in 153 AG. Katara moved back to the South Pole with Sokka and his family. Toph and her family continued to live in Republic City also. Ursa lived in the Fire Nation and finally owned her own theatre and lived happily in the Fire Nation Palace with Zuko and his family until her death of old age. United Republic Nations continued to grow to its glory. Katara and Aang's son Tenzin moved to Air Temple Island and had his family. Katara and Aang's first child, Bumi, retired from the United Force Army and moved in with Tenzin and his family. Same with Aang and Katara's second child, Kya, moved in with Tenzin, after living in the South Pole with Katara after the death of Aang. Avatar Korra became the president of Republic Nations.


Major Characters

  • Avatar Aang (Zach Tyler Eisen and D. B. Sweeney) is the main protagonist in the story. He and Zuko create the United Republic of Nations for peace and freedom. He is the Avatar in the series, and caring for everyone in the story. Where he looks over everybody in the city to make sure everyone is safe in the city. He takes Yakone to justice and then marries Katara and has three children.
  • Katara (Mae Whitman and Eva Marie Saint) is the future wife of Aang the Avatar. The team goes on a search to find Zuko's missing mother and comes back successful. Then Aang and Zuko create Republic Nations. She and Aang get married and have three children. She and her family lived on Air Temple Island until Aang's death, then she moved to the South Pole.
  • Sokka (Jack DeSena and Chris Hardwick) is one of the protagonist of the story and the brother of Katara. After the creation of Republic City he became the Councilman of the city. He married Suki but had no children. After he was councilman of the city he moved with his sister to the South Pole. Suki passed away first at an old age. He later died at the age of 79.
  • Toph Beifong (Jessie Flower and Kate Higgins) is was Aang's earthbending teacher and chief of police for Republic City. She invented metal bending and created the chief of police. She arrested the infamous Yakone. She later had Lin Beifong, who would later take in her footsteps and become the chief of police. She later died in Republic City around 184 AG.
  • Fire Lord Zuko (Dante Basco and Greg Baldwin) is the main Fire Lord and co-founder of Republic Nations. He and Avatar Aang created the nation in order for people to live in peace and harmony. After the finishing of the nation Zuko returned to the Fire Nation because he was Fire Lord. He and Mai got married and had one daughter. In 167 AG, he gave his throne to his daughter, Aimi. He finally passed away at the age in 177 AG.

Recurring Characters

  • Fire Lord Aimi (Kate Higgins) is the Fire Lord after Zuko. She is the only daughter of Mai and Zuko. She had one son. She is a tall and has manners. She is polite and has feelings for everyone around her. She was given the throne from her father in 167 AG. She helped end the war against the Earth Kingdom.
  • Ursa (Jen Cohn) is the mother and former princess of the Fire Nation. After her disappearance, Zuko and Team Avatar found Ursa and she came back to the Fire Nation and lived in the palace with Zuko. She was revered a hero. She finally passed away from old age.
  • Avatar Korra (Janet Varney and Grey DeLisle) is the Avatar after Aang's death. She was credited for ending Amon and ending the attacks from the spirits. Then in her older age she married Mako and had two children. She finally became president of United Republic Nations. After Tenzin's death she and her family moved on to Earth Temple Island. She finally passed away in the Temple and her statue was put in the Southern Air Temple, after her death.
  • Lin Beifong (Mindy Sterling) was the chief of police in Republic City. She did have a son and he became chief of police after Lin's death. It is unknown who she got married to and had a son with. She finally retired and moved to the Earth Kingdom.
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Book 1: Under Construction

  1. Beginning of a Nation
  2. Shaping Up
  3. New Discovery

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