By Gingalover Part of the Ginga Densetsu Avatar continuity.
Bruge GDA
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Fire Nation

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Fire Nation, Team Avatar

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Fire Nation (temporary), Team Avatar



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Book 3: Fire ~ Metallic Kite

Book 4: Air ~ GB's Last Stand -

Bruge is an unknown species of dog that is under the ruling of Hougen. Before the story began, he was forcefully involved in the attack on the Air Temple and shot down Aang and Weed while they were going to the South Pole, resulting in their loss of memory.

Book 3: Fire

Bruge first appears while Bat was freaking out after a failed attempt to kill Aang. He tries his best to calm him down and came up with a plan to try to stop Toph, whom he thought was the reason for Bats failure.

Book 4: Air

Bruge appears much later when Aang comes back to Ba Sing Se after it turned into a ghost town. He was going to the duel between Hougen and GB, pulling a Phoenix Blaster behind him, when Aang came in. He didn't really want to talk to him and only talked to him a little. He went off and about to go but Aang earth-bends him to stop. Now he came clean and said that the fleet was here. What happened to them he wasn't sure about. But he did say that Hougen didn't feel the same since.

As he was going, Team Avatar caught up to him again and he explains this time of what he did to Aang and Weed that made them lose their memory. He apologizes deeply for his mistake and he went to the arena with his cannon.

He shows up later on when Team Avatar was put to prison. He saids that he never liked Hougen and would much rather help them instead, thus joining Team Avatar.

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