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Unknown Symbol
Brother Zhang Sang
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Brother Memnon, Sister Joo Dee, Chao Feng


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Unknown organization




Unknown organization

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Shifting Gears

Brother Zhang Sang is a character in the fanon Avatar: Energy Saga. He is a member of the unknown organization.


Book Three: Atonement

Unknown organization

Brother Zhang Sang is a man who joined the unknown organization whose members have attacked Avatar Aang and attempted to kill him while he was in the Avatar State. At some point in time, he was designated a "Brother" and took on a leadership role in the organization.

Ba Sing Se

Brother Zhang Sang later traveled to Ba Sing Se with his associates Brother Memnon and Sister Joo Dee. Together they met with Long Feng in a secluded location to discuss the possibility of restoring him to power in the city. Maintaining secrecy in their ultimate plans and motives, they neglected to give Long Feng or his Dai Li supporters any details of how this coup would be carried out.


  • "Zhang Sang" was the false name Tenzin gave to Iroh when he was aboard his ship posing as a Fire Nation soldier in Misfortune and Reproach. It means "John Doe" in Chinese.

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