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Bronson Fife was third in command of the Rogues, and a former soldier in the fanon story Alone.



Bronson Fife was born on January 6, 1963, in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. At the time, Avatar Joel was gathering his army for the assault on Uluru Bending Complex. When Bronson was 22, he joined the cause and traveled with the rebels for the attack. Bronson survived fairly in the brutal combat. However, just as Joel's army reached the gates of the prison, the Leader showed up.

Using his astonishing power over earth and firebending, he decimated the rebel army, putting them on the retreat. As the Enforcers and the Leader picked off the rebels one by one, Bronson fought alongside Katrina at the lake. Katrina kicked him out of the way as a large fire blast came their way. Bronson watched in horror as Katrina was killed and the Leader set off after Joel.

After the battle, he journeyed through the desert to Alice Springs and quickly escaped back to the U.S. After arriving in New Orleans to find the waterbending colony, he was found by the Mistress.

The Mistress took him in and instructed him in waterbending, though he refused to learn the darker arts she possessed. He quickly rose through the ranks of the Rogues and became third in command of the Rogues.

The Avatar

On February 1st, 2001, Avatar Leah and her friend Sierra arrived to be trained in waterbending. Bronson arrived in one of the colony's cutter ships and asked Leah to show some waterbending to prove her worth as a bender. When she proved she was there to learn, Bronson escorted them to the colony. When they arrived at the actual colony, Bronson gave them a tour of the entire complex.

During the weeks that Leah and Sierra stayed at the complex, he waited anxiously for the Mistress to return and ease the pair's feelings. However, fate had other plans. Leah and Sierra woke up one night to a woman screaming for her life, then as two colonists went to silence her, the sound stopped. He tried to assure them that it was only a mentally challenged colonist, but Sierra was unconvinced.

To make matters worse, on the same day, a BDA agent infiltrated the first tunnel of the colony. Without hesitation, Bronson ordered them to close off that section of the tunnel and flood it. Sierra was horrified at Bronson's cruelty at the infiltration, and Bronson only had to walk away, saying he was only following orders.

Two weeks later, Bronson woke the two girls and helped them escape from the colony. Hurriedly, he took them to a private plane he owned and sent them away without any information. Looking back at the colony, he saw the Mistress' boat approaching the airlock.

Bronson rushed off to meet her, and ran into the airlock just as her flagship arrived. He followed her and her second in command to the colony. The Mistress asked him to accompany her to the throne room. Once there, she asked plainly "Where's the Avatar?"

Bronson didn't know how to respond, and tried to lie to her. However, the Mistress was unconvinced of and told him she knew everything that had been going on, and that the Avatar was indeed there. When she asked why, she teased that Bronson had sent them away to protect them, and when he denied, she snapped.

The Mistress bloodbent him and thrashed him around the throne room. After telling him that she would be making changes around the colony, The Mistress bloodbent him again and brutally murdered him.


Bronson was a kind and loyal person, at least compared to his superiors in the Rogues. Although because of his fierce loyalty to the Mistress, he carried out orders such as killing an infiltrating BDA agent, and exiling a mentally ill colonist. It was shown that he was willing to go against his loyalty to send away Leah and Sierra for their own safety.


Book 2: Smoke

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