Broken Promises
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The Arrival

Ba Sing Se Lower Ring 134 AS

Ahhhh! That's it I can't take it anymore. Dang screamed as he walked out of the factory. What! said Lee his best friend said. I'm sorry its just that I have worked in that factory for five years now and I still make barely enough to buy food and rent my apartment, and all this while the King lives in the palace larger than most towns Dang responded. Shhhh! Don't talk like that what if the police herd you, were only two seventeen year olds we have no family no money they could just make us disappear. Yeah, yeah Lee but think about it we hadn't even been born yet but I'm sure nothing has changed for the poor since the end of the war. Lee the King is a puppet a puppet of Firelord Zuko and so is the Avatar, I decided, tomorrow were going to see that guy Huang speak. But Dang, Huang is anti government he says the land of the rich should be given to the common people, I agree with you but its just too dangerous right now especially with the Firelord and the Avatar coming. Lee said. We will see and your coming if you want to or not Lee!

On board a Fire Nation Airship

The Fire Lord stands in an elegantly decorated room, he looks into a mirror, he runs his hand through his hair, once black it is now a mixture of black and gray the result of years of stress. Feng son, how old do I look? Feng a man in his mid twenties is taken by surprise. Umm, I guess you look your age fifty I don't know but why would you worry about that when we will be arriving in Ba Sing Se in less than two hours. The Fire Lord laughs a small dry chuckle. Its a proud day for me when my son surpasses me in wisdom you must take after my uncle. At that he turns away and his smile disappears. If only he was here now. Feng recognizing his fathers pain abruptly changes the subject. Why are we going to Ba Sing Se anyway something tells me its something more than a council to discuss world food prices. Once again you are a smart man Feng, the Fire Lord answered the real reason is very serious there has been several reports of "unrest" in Ba Sing Se especially the lower ring that is why the Avatar is coming. What kind of unrest? The Crown Prince asked. Some people are supposedly dissatisfied with our dear friend the Earth Kings rule, I guess the Divine Right isn't enough to convince people we know what's best. Just then a servant appears in the doorway Fire Lord Zuko, Prince Feng your dinner has been prepared. We will continue this conversation at dinner then Feng said. Yes, we will Zuko said as they walked out of the room.

Ba Sing Se Lower Ring

Dang and Lee stand at a door, what's the password a voice says from behind the door says. Freedom for all! Dang says and the door swings open. Inside is a large room formed by earthbending a large crowed of poor factory workers and at the front of the room was a tall and strong man he was speaking. Hello fellow workers my name is Huang and I am hear to liberate you from the autocracy. Tonight Fire Lord Zuko and Avatar Aang will arrive to hold a council on world food prices. This is our opportunity to rise up and to start a revolution to free the poor of the world from the oppression forced upon us we will join as one we will storm the Palace and we will kill those who have enslaved us to poverty and servitude to the Fire Nation and the wealthy. Tonight is our night tonight begins our journey, a journey to freedom! And a thunderous roar came up from the crowd around them and Dang and Lee knew there was no turning back.

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