Bringing Magic Back
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Journey To The End of The World





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February 26, 2013

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The Fairies

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I found out that maybe I should make the fairies to bring magic back: so I decided to make this chapter about magic.

Back At The Library

"Bringing magic back?" Suki asked.

The fairies turned into normal mode.

"Yes," Diamond answered.

"And for the record, I'm bringing music back! Hip hop, baby!" Sugar said and danced.

" fairies aren't evil?" Aang asked.

"No. We were just defending ourselves," Liana answered.

"Now– where are you guys going?" Stella asked.

"To the end of the world," Aang answered.

"The end of this universe?" Layla asked.

"Wait! We should come with you. I mean, also the potion is there," Diamond said.

"The potion! The Sirenix book!" Sugar smiled.

"Huh?" Katara asked.

"Nothing. It's part of our mission," Liana said.

"Now let's go!" Layla said.

"Aang, I got a question," Toph said.

"What?" Aang asked, concerned.

"For this whole dessert thing, why didn't your bring Appa?" Toph asked.

"I kinda forgot." Aang answered.

Toph slapped her face in disbelief.

"It's okay: we have modern technology." Liana said.

"Techno what?" Zuko asked.

"Technology," Liana answered.

"Or maybe the portal." Stella said.

They walked out of the library and stepped into the portal.

Somewhere In The Magic Dimension

"What do you want me to do, my lord?" Bloom, a dark fairy asked.

"Do whatever you can do to stop Team Avatar and the fairies," answered a voice.

"Yes, my lord," answered Bloom.

At The Spirit World

"I've never went here for a long time," Aang said.

"Let's bring magic to this world first!" Diamond said. "Sugar! Music!"

Sugar took out a radio and a microphone. She transformed into a fairy mode.

"You're magical,
You're powerful,
You're wonderful,
It's magic,
Just close your eyes and spread your wings!

Open up your heart,
It's just together you and me,
All around the world,
It's just the magic of you and me!"

Sugar sings which attracts the crowd of spirits.

"Did it work?" Stella asked.

"No," Layla said.

"Hey, where's Diamond?" Sugar asked as she transforms back into normal mode.

"Uh oh. Without her, we can't do the chant!" Aisha said in worry.

"Then we have to find her!" Zuko said.

To be continued...

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