Ba Sing Se
Bright Lights, Big City
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Darksome Knights: Resurrection


Book 2: First Impressions



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December 17, 2011

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The Warrior's Way

Bright Lights, Big City is the seventeenth chapter of Darksome Knights and the seventh chapter of Book 2: First Impressions.


The train rattled along its tracks as two men skated along behind it. The eleven friends had flown to the station from Kyoshi Island on Hiohaku and Appa, and were now taking the train into Ba Sing Se. There were two people they were searching for.

Two people who hopefully still lived in a city of two million people.

"What are the chances they still live there?" Sigan whispered to Sokka.

"Not very good." Sokka whispered back.

The train disappeared underneath a tunnel. The Five Pillars pressed their noses to the glass in childlike glee to get a glimpse of the gargantuan city that lay on the other side.

They stood in wide-eyed awe as they left the station. The city unfolded in front of them.

"This is Ba Sing Se?" Haewa asked.

"Yes." Aang responded.

"Wow." Hwasan breathed.

"And these two friends of yours live there?" Sigan asked.

"Yep." Zuko said.

"Then let's go." Mai began walking down the steps of the station into the grand city.

In the City

"We should definitely head for the upper ring." Zuko suggested. "That's where Uncle Iroh's tea shop is."

"And that's where Toph's apartment is." Aang recalled.

"Let's roll." Sigan said.

For hours, they scoured the upper ring. First, they checked the two apartments. Then, they checked at the Jasmine Dragon. Now, they were simply searching everywhere.

"I'm beginning to wonder if they've left." Sokka wondered.

"We've got to keep looking." Haewa said.

"Why don't we go back to the tea shop?" Katara suggested.

"Why?" Suki asked.

"Iroh might have gone back since we were last there. He also might know where Toph is."

"This wouldn't have anything to do with you wanting tea, would it?" Aang looked at her suspiciously.

Katara shrugged her shoulders. "Guess you know me too well, Aang."

The Tea Shop

The group walked into the tea shop and sat down at a large table. Thy pondered the menus together in silence for a while before a young woman in a bright green kimono took their orders.

Where are we going to find them? Haewa thought anxiously.

As if answering his question, a little girl walked up and tapped Aang on the shoulder. He spun around.

"Toph!" he exclaimed.

The people from this world twirled to see the young blind girl in the green dress standing behind the Avatar. They got up to smother in a group hug while the Five Pillars sat back, mildly confused.

"Now, who ordered the jasmine tea?" a gravely voice asked.

"Uncle!" Zuko tore away from the group to give his uncle a hug, nearly knocking the tea tray out of his hands.

"Well," Katara said, "I guess we're all here."

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