Bride of Long Feng
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Long Feng



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November 4, 2009

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Bride of Long Feng is the fourteenth chapter of Long Feng.


Haru and the three friends rushed to Katara's room. A dreadful sight met their eyes, Aang was unconscious on the bed, and Long Feng was attacking Katara. "This is life and death!", exclaimed Haru.

Long Feng had bitten Katara's neck, and now he was forcing her to drink his own blood. It trickled from a wound on his chest, and was smeared around Katara's mouth. "Now you shall come to my call!", stated Long Feng.

Haru sprang towards him, with cross and wafer. Long Feng was mad with rage, but was forced to retreat, growling and snarling.

Zuko and Sokka chased after Long Feng. Haru tried to wake Aang.

Katara was hysterical, screaming and crying. She had bite marks on her neck, just like Yue's. "What have I done to deserve such a fate?" asked Katara.

Long Feng's blood had made Katara his slave. He now had the power to control her mind. But Katara said she'd rather die. "Help us!", pleaded Aang.

Haru said she must not die. Katara had to stay alive until they had caught and killed Long Feng. Otherwise she herself would turn into a vampire......and have to drink blood, like Yue.

By now it was daylight. Haru said they had to catch Long Feng before nightfall. They would purify his boxes, so he could not use them to sleep in, all except one box, where they would trap him and kill him. "We have this day to hunt out all his lairs," said Haru.

The men ha to go out to hunt Long Feng and his boxes, but Katara had to rest at home. Bravely she said that she would continue to work, and try to go on living.

Katara would be safe. Surely Long Feng would not dare attack again before nightfall. "Do not fear, my dear," reassured Haru.

For extra safety, Haru blessed Katara with a holy wafer. But it burned her flesh, and leaved a sinister blood-red scar!

Could she have been turning into a vampire already?

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