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Anger and Pain

In a time, long ago. War raged across Patria, concerning all elements. Flamma, the Benders of Fire wanted power. Flamma was strong; the other Elements were crumbling. The fate of Patria was linked to the destiny of one...


I woke with the sun warming my face. I took a deep breath, today was the first day of the full moon.

Two days ago I walked from Pagatim to Kutu in Terra. The Shrines were connected yes, but the other Elementum Shrines were inaccessible from each other. There was one entrance to each Shrine. Assuming Zena was going to visit Noble Elementum Flamma's shrine I would have to be in Beor to get into the Flamma Shrine. That's why I traveled from Kutu to Beor yesterday.

Last night I slept at the Zinder Inn, in one of the lower class rooms. My reputation was good here, especially at this inn. The owner, Gaudium the Joyous, was a good man. He despised the war and if he didn't have a family to care for, he would be out there fighting against it. I liked him, he was very good natured, and humorous.

I walked downstairs for breakfast. The dining room was filled with uniformed Flamma soldiers. My eyes widened in realization, Zena was staying at this inn!

In a daze I found an empty table in the corner. I sat down; I heard my heart thumping in my chest. I forced myself to take deep breaths.

I tried to catch Gaudium's eye; he looked at me and strolled over to my table.

"Can I get you anything, Kira?" he asked, his deep, sonorous voice rumbling in his chest.

"Sit." I commanded nodding at the chair in front of me. Eying his other customers, he sat. I leaned forward, "I thought you didn't like servicing the Leader's family?" I inquired suspiciously.

"Well, yes, but is it my fault I have the best inn, in Beor?" he questioned with fake innocence, "and they do pay handsomely." Gaudium added smiling and stroking his curly black beard.

Nodding I sat up straight, "I would like a cup of mint tea. Make it the way I like it," I said smiling.

Gaudium stood and bowed deeply, "of course your ladyship," he replied with a twinkle in his eye. I nodded again with a smile on my face. Gaudium turned to get my tea. Chuckling to myself, I lounged back on my chair. I slowly examined the room.

Many of the soldiers were laughing; a few were deep in conversation, and an occasional one or two were sleeping. I rescanned the room, but stopped at the stairs, beautiful maidens were coming down the stairs by two's. All dressed in the same red and orange silk gowns, I knew they were Zena's handmaidens.

Soon Zena herself came gracefully down the wooden stairs. I gripped the sides of my chair. Here she was, Zena the Wanderer, rage and revenge raced inside me. I have never seen one of my victims before I kill them. Now I had to force myself to wait. For me, waiting to kill is hard, very hard.

Tearing my eyes from Zena I saw Gaudium carrying my tea. He placed the tea on my table. "Here you go young lady," he said cheerfully.

I forced a smile, "Thank you Gaudium," I replied. As he left I peeled my hand off of my chair. Hands trembling I picked up my tea, taking deep breaths. With every exhale, I blew on my tea.

I slowly sipped, the mint instantly slowed my heartbeat, calming and warming me. Relaxed I felt the rage and revenge melt inside me. I closed my eyes and let the mint take over my thoughts.

I slurped the remains of the tea, and stood to return the cup to Gaudium. Normally he would have come and got it, but saving him the trip was the least I could do.

As I started walking, a table in front of me was arguing. I knew I could pass around them easily. A man sitting before me stood, pushing his chair back. I saw that coming, but I didn't see the hands of the man swing out to the sides, the man accidentally backhanded me. I fell back and lost my balance, falling. I dropped the cup; it shattered on the hard floor.

The room went silent; I looked around at the curious eyes around me. I started to stand when a shadow shaded me. I looked up; the young man that had backhanded me was now looking down on me with concern.

He had stunning amber eyes and shaggy unkempt black hair. To me he was all around breathtaking. He offered a hand and I took it. With ease he pulled me upright. I brushed myself off and smiled at the man. By now the room was back to the normal chit chat.

"I'm sorry," he apologized sincerely, "you're bleeding," he gestured to my right cheek.

I touched my hand to my face. Blood colored my finger tips. "Oh," I said softly, "I better take care of this."

I turned to go to the kitchen to wash up. "Let me help you," his voice was music to my ears, I just nodded.

"Kira? What happened?" Gaudium's voice sounded behind me. I turned, blood streaked down my face. His brow furrowed at the sight of my face. He descended upon the young man, "did you do this to her?" his deep voice rising in anger.

"Yes, but I didn't mean to I was angry and didn't see her," the young man spluttered nervously.

Gaudium's anger disappeared instantaneously, "well, if it was an accident. Kira, come with me. We'll get you cleaned up." He said looking at me. I nodded and stood beside Gaudium. He put his arm around me gently.

"But-" the man started, but stopped when Gaudium shot him a glare. I gave him a comforting smile and Gaudium led me into the kitchen. I snuck one last glance at the breathtaking boy before Gaudium nudged me through the door. It was probably the last time I would see him.


I stood stunned at what I had just seen, at what I had just done. She looked surreal, her silvery hair and deep blue eyes were Unda, but that didn't seem to matter. She was, by far, the most beautiful girl I had ever seen. Even Zena didn't amount to this beauty.

And I, I had hurt her. I let my temper out just once and I hurt her. I had apologized, but it didn't seem like enough. I had to make it up to her, and I needed to find out her name. I hadn't even given her mine. I smacked my forehead, how could I be so stupid!

"Raydin," one of my comrades said my name.

"What!" I snapped, looking down at him.

"Are you okay? You've been standing there for ages," he asked uneasily.

My expression softened, "yes, I'll be fine I just need to take a walk." I nodded at them and walked out the door.

I didn't spend much time in marketplaces. The Forts I stay at usually provided food. I found them quite exciting, merchants all advertising for their crop, villagers bustling trying to get the best produce for the best prices.

The market was filled with all Elements, Terra, Unda, hardly any Ventus, but mostly Flamma. I didn't think the girl would be outside yet, she was probably still cleaning up, but it didn't hurt to look.

I looked around the market all day discovering, exploring, and searching for the girl, all with no avail.

In the evening I found myself at the outskirts of Beor, there was a hill just outside Beor that got a great view of The Shrines. I walked up the hill, and sat down against a lone tree. The Shrines looked deserted. Most of the sacred ceremonies were held under the light of a full moon, so now the sages of each shrine slept in preparation of the all night ceremonies.

I couldn't believe that the plan was going to be held on such sacred ground. It felt like blasphemy, like betraying the Noble Elementums. It hurt, not physically, but it hurt my soul like I was trying to convince myself not to do this. But I have to; I have to catch this assassin.

A warm breeze ruffled the grass. The sun was setting and the sky didn't have a single cloud. I sighed, and laid back. I ran my fingers through my hair. Today had been a bad day. Thud! What was that? Twang! Thud! I sat up. Not but 100 yards below me was an archery field. At this time of day only one archer was there, the girl with silvery blonde hair. I felt my heart skip a beat. I had to see her. I stood and walked back down the path. Normally I would have just walked down the hill, but I knew better than to walk in the direct line of fire.


I strung an arrow, aimed, and let it go. Thud! It landed right in the middle. I smiled, not that it surprised me, but it was always comforting to know that you still have the skill to just aim and shoot.

I strung another arrow, "Hey," a voice behind me scared me and I turned and aimed the arrow at the figure in the shadows.

"Hey! It's just me," the figure stepped out of the shade with his hands in the air. The voice belonged to the boy I met earlier.

I lowered my bow, "oh," I said quietly, "You, you just scared me," I stammered.

"Sorry," he apologized, "I'm really sorry about hurting you," he said tensely.

It took a second for me to follow what he was talking about, "oh, its fine." I accepted, shrugging it off.

There was a moment of awkward silence, "my name's Raydin of the Sun," he rejoined.

"Kira," I smiled, "of-of the m-moon," I stumbled.

I walked back to my room in a daze. Raydin was amazing; he was funny, interesting, and polite. Everything I looked for in a guy. I didn't care what he thought of me, I liked him. The only damper on the situation was that he was a soldier, and not just any soldier, a Flamma soldier. I didn't dare talk about the war and his views on it. If he was a Flamma soldier he had to agree that the war was the right thing for the Elementums.

I shook my head, the daze I was in, had melted. How could I have been so stupid! I was against the war, against Flamma! And here I was fraternizing with the enemy! Zosime would be ashamed of me.

I knelt by my bed. I started to gather my things. I pulled out my black cloak. The red accents reminded me of Raydin, and blood. The thousand drops of blood I had spilt for Unda. For Terra. For all the innocent Elementums worried for their family's safety in the war. I might have called it noble yesterday even a couple of hours ago I would have called it noble. But not now, now I called it selfish. I did this for no one, but myself. I did this because my hunger for revenge never was satisfied. I had been living this lie for all of my life.

I sighed; it was a lie I was going to keep living for the sake of my work. I scoffed; my work, killing people, to feed my hunger for revenge. "Killing" I was amazed at how familiar the word had weaseled its way into my common vocabulary.

Pushing these thoughts to the back of my mind I looked out the window. The sun had set and the full moon was rising above the mountains.

I changed into my black tunic, slung my herb pouch around my waist, put my bow, quiver, and water pocket on my back, and pulled on my cloak. I would be a common sight in Beor.

I stopped at the door, took a deep breath, opened the door, and left without a backward glance.

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