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Brawki is a character in the fanon Avatar: Energy Saga. He is a middle-aged man living in the Earth Kingdom. A distinguished veteran of the Earth Kingdom Army who served in the Hundred Year War, Brawki taught earthbending to some of the best earthbenders in the world. When one of his old students was killed, he adopted her orphaned son and raised him as his own in addition to teaching him earthbending.


Brawki served in the Earth Kingdom Army against the Fire Nation. He served with distinction and received commendation from the 51st Earth King. The war against the Fire Nation lasted from before he was born andthroughout most of his adult life. As he got older, Brawki taught earthbending to some of the best earthbenders in the world, including members of the elite unit, the Terra Team.

Brawki always wanted a family, but never settled down as he lost the love of his life when he was a young soldier. When one of his most talented students and her husband died in the final stages of The War, Brawki took in their orphaned son Migo and raised him like his own. Like his mother, Migo was a talented earthbender and Brawki taught him everything he knew.


Brawki has a somewhat grizzled, gruff exterior. But a lot of wisdom comes with his years of experience. He is very patriotic, a proud citizen of the Earth Kingdom. He is also a cunning warrior and fiercely dedicated to his skillful and experienced earthbending. Having never had kids of his own, he has become attached to Migo, his latest pupil, whom he raised himself and regards as his own son.

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