By Philanahembree Part of the Forces of Nature continuity.
Biographical information

Ruyok (alias)


Southern Water Tribe


Southern Water Tribe

Birth place

Southern Water Tribe


Bouchang Island

Physical description


Hair color


Eye color


Personal information
Weapon of choice


Bending style(s)



Tirriu, Lyo, Kessa, Yoronaq

Chronological and political information


  • Waterbending master
  • Leader of the "Bouchang" pirates
Braqan is a powerful waterbender and the leader of the a large pirate force that plundered many small island towns between 220 AG to 250 AG including the town of Haiqo.


Braqan was born in the Southern Water Tribe, the son of two waterbenders named Darraq and Tikkima, who became shipping merchants, owning their own family business. He grew up with his sister Mokina.

He was trained extensively in the art of waterbending. When his father was killed fighting off pirates, he tracked them down and imprisoned them in a self made prison, where they all eventually starved to death.

Braqan found his father's ship and later found the other pirates. The leader of the pirates there told Braqan that one of the pirates he had disposed of was a rival of his, and then invited him to join their group, which he accepted.

Over the next twenty years Braqan became the leader of the renamed Bouchang Pirates, attacking and plundering many small island towns around the Southern Air Temple, Southern Water Tribe and Kyoshi island.

In 249 AG they attacked the town of Haiqo. Despite knowing of its heavily guarded walls, he believed it would be an easy siege because its benders were either old, inexperienced, or pacifistic airbenders. They managed to pull the barely stable walls down and enter the town. Braqan went straight for the Air Temple, but was met by Tirriu. After a long night of fighting with the airbender, Braqan's forces had retreated and Braqan himself was pushed out to sea. Braqan made his way back to one of his ships before Tirriu created a large tornado that ended up destroying his ships.

Braqan survived on the wreckage of his ship, ending up on one of the Southern Air Temple islands. Later he found the Southern Temple and gained passage back to the Southern Tribe under the name Ruyok. He was able to stay hidden until 255 AG before being recognised by Yoronaq and several of his men when they came to visit the Southern Tribe. He spent the rest of his life somewhere in the Southern Air Temple.


Braqan was controlling as well as having a knack for underestimating his opponents. He had a strong but arragont personality throughout his adult life.


Braqan was a powerful waterbender, able to hold his own against several waterbenders and an airbending master for an entire night. He liked to stay in areas surrounded with ice and water, allowing him to make a strong offensive against an opponent. When Tirriu used a strong blast of air, Braqan was able to push it back to him using an ice wall.

Other skills

Braqan was very agile in battle, able to battle with Tirriu, an airbending master, for an entire night. He was a quick thinker, taking his opportunity to strike, whether or not he won.

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