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The Legend of Kyoko


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October 14, 2014

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The Legend of Kurono

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The Fire Nation

It was a warm Thursday morning in Ba Sing Se as a girl was just waking up. Her name was Kyoko, and on this particular day, her life was going to change forever. She got out of bed and got changed. She fixed her hair and put on a hat. She put on a dress and her shoes. She walked down the stairs and saw he brother and father eating already, her brother was getting ready for his job as a power generator. Her father worked with the Future Industries to manufacture new things. She sat down and ate what appeared to be Polar Bear Dog, then suddenly, a picture of Naga, Avatar Korra's Animal Guide flashed in her mind.

"What do you have in school today, Kyoko?" Her father, Chai Tin asked her.

"I have a math test" She told him "I already passed."

"Stop acting like you are the smartest thing in the universe." Zenkai, her brother told her loosely. Kyoko glared at him, and quickly ate her breakfast. She said goodbye to her family and left. She was walking down the street when a man attacked her from behind. She used Earthbending to send him flying. Her boyfriend, Xiao walked out of a store just as the man came back. Xiao Generated Lightning in front of the man, making him trip. She turned the ground under him into Lava. He was able to get out of the way, and create Water Tendrils. He sent Xiao flying, as Kyoko watched this, she melted metal from a nearby sign and the Lava and create tendrils. She fights the man with every attack, each being equally powerful, he tries to Bloodbend her at a point, but to no avail as she is able to break free. Xiao comes back just in time when the man reformed his Water Tendrils, when he was electrocuted continuously by Xiao, Kyoko turned all surrounding ground into lava. She pulled it up so it surrounded him. The man screamed in pain as he was burned and electrocuted. She brought the lava down and watched as the man slowly sunk into it. She turned it into earth again and Kyoko and Xiao walked to school.

During the test, Kyoko got hers first and was done before her teacher was done passing them out to the row adjacent to hers.

"Did you check the answers?" Her teacher asked. Kyoko thought for a moment.

"Yep, still done". Kyoko sat in her seat until it was time for lunch. Then, during lunch she was standing in the middle of the room with Rumon, a Waterbender she knew for 5 years at that point, and Xiao thinking about how she killed the thug. It got to her, but, she dismissed any sadness because she knew she was supposed to use bending to protect herself. After school, she and her boyfriend walked home from school to her house. An hour or so later, there was a knock on the door, it was the Order of the White Lotus.

"Nope" Kyoko slammed the door.

"What was that about-" Xiao asked then realizing what was happening. "You're the Avatar, Kyoko," The words crawled through her, she couldn't be. She let the White Lotus back in.

"Since I am the Avatar, I am going to travel the world, mastering each element with my friends," The Grand Lotus laughed. "No, you aren't, you will stay here and the only people you will have contact with are your brother and father."

"Or, I won't be the Avatar without my friends." She Earthbent a wall in front of them and sent them away, closing the door. That night, The White Lotus returned.

"We have agreed to your terms, Avatar Kyoko, you shall master each element in each of the nations." Kyoko smiled.

"Thank you, I will get ready and leave for the Fire Nation tomorrow." They left, and Kyoko went to sleep. Unbeknownst to everyone, a girl was watching, she was holding fire in her hand for light, she smiled. She ran back to a house with three others there, appearing to be from each of the other nations.

"Kyoko is the Avatar, Jing Chen," Jing Chen kissed the girl and walked towards the center of the room.

"Thank you for this information Xing Quo, Kyoko is the Avatar, good. We will leave for the Fire Nation in the morning, Kyoko's time on this earth is over."


  • When a picture of Naga flashes in her mind, Kyoko doesn't say anything about it, this is because she is trying to hide the fact that she thinks she could be the Avatar. She doesn't tell anyone about it even after her death, which is confusing because it is just a vision, but, to Kyoko it meant she was eating her best friend.
  • When Kyoko says she already passed the test, it is revealed she is part psychic as she could foretell what was going to happen.
  • Kyoko is the first known Earthbender, besides her father who is able to Metalbend and Lava Bend.

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