By Gingalover Part of the Avatar: New Universe continuity.

Bracchidios is a giant tyrannosaurus monster that was found by Zuko and Robin. The strange beast is only recently been discovered by the locals and are trying to figure out more about it.

The creature is a carnivore, but it more often scavenged food then hunted. Given its large size, it can't chase after prey for very long.

As far as the locals know, the beast has only been seen among the large mountainous areas of Altonia. It is able to coat its club-like arms with a slimy green substance that explodes when it comes into contact with living flesh. It's unclear how it doesn't explode when in contact with anything else, like dirt, water, or other things. Bracchidios only uses this in defense against other creatures that threaten it.

Bracch vs. Alkan

Bracchidios fighting Akantor

A famous battle involved a Bracchidios and Akantor. Its strong purple scales are able to avoid burns from the Akantor's fire breath, which for some odd reason it despises fire in anyway, explaining its attack when it first appears when fighting Magmus.

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