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January 18th, 2011

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Boy From Omashu is the sixth chapter of the fanon The Runaway


After arriving in Omashu, the two travelers decide to finally relax and go look around, with many wrong turns along the road, the two encounter a young boy, unknown to them however, Colonel Lang has made his way into the city


Myaku woke up early the following morning. Having gotten through the awful events of last night and slept on it, he had woken up with a clear mind and a rejuvenated body. Taizo was already awake and had been fixing up his wounds and his armor. He had finally fixed his shoulder pad, which had been pierced by an arrow in their skirmish with Colonel Lang. Fixed is a strong word, Taizo actually just removed it and remained with only one shoulder pad, on his right shoulder. The wound that he had gotten in the cave when fighting the Fire Nation soldier, he had cleaned it up and bandaged it, but it didn't really seem to hurt or bother him that much since he was doing sit ups and a quick stretch while Myaku was sitting in a lotus position on one of the beds. Taizo finally finished his morning exercise and released a yawn before looking over to Myaku. Myaku looked at him for a moment, as if expecting him to do something stupid.

"What?" Myaku finally asked, tired of Taizo's annoyed expression.

"I'm starving and you're not, when was the last time you had something to eat?" The rogue answered, crossing his arms at his chest.

"About a week ago I ate an egg... it was boiled... or was it scrambled..." Myaku began to reminisce of his last meal as Taizo released a yawn.

"Do what you want, but I'm going to grab a bite to eat." Taizo turned to the door and Myaku's stomach growled; he placed his hand on his gut and sat there for a moment before deciding to go with Taizo. He quickly ran after him and caught up to him right before Taizo left the house. The two men left the building and Myaku quickly realized how out of place they were. People would glance at them as they passed them, but no one dared to stare. Taizo was wearing makeshift armor and chewing on a straw and Myaku was wearing makeshift robes and had a bald head, no to mention Myaku was quite tall, often noticing that many people around him were much shorter than he was. Maybe they wouldn't have attracted so much attention if Taizo had improved his style of movement. Taizo walked with his arms thrown out to the sides, his pace quick and his expression angry. Essentially, the rogue walked like he owned the place. Quite the opposite of Myaku who walked timidly, trying to avoid people, gently moving to the side to let people pass and trying to have minimal physical contact. He literally found himself apologizing to a man after Taizo slammed into him with his shoulder and made him fall to the ground.

"Why do you insist on walking like that?" Myaku finally asked coming in closer to Taizo's pace.

"I walk however I want, got a problem with that?" Taizo turned his head, looking at Myaku, who was following him and glaring at him at the same time. "Oh fine, don't be such a crybaby, I'm not hurting anyone."

"Yes you are, you just hit a guy with your shoulder, he fell over, not to mention you're scaring people and attracting unnecessary attention to us." Myaku explained, thought Taizo didn't seem to care.

"You mean attractive attention to you; I don't have a bounty on my head." Taizo remarked, before turning a corner and stopping "I have no idea where we're going..."

Myaku stopped a few steps ahead of him "Are you serious? Then why did you go in this direction and why did you seem so sure of yourself?!" his head fell into his palms and Myaku released a sigh.

"Oh calm down, I'll ask for directions." Taizo walked over in his usual style to an old man "Geezer." He called an old man who was cleaning the streets out and instantly Myaku knew this was a bad idea. "Where's the closest bar, c'mon today old man, I need an answer now." He was harassing the old man and all that Myaku could do was sigh and lower his head in shame
Young Bumi


, trying to pretend he didn't know Taizo. Suddenly however, a voice of a young man called out behind him.

"A...A-Aang?" Myaku froze up; he straightened and slowly turned around. Behind him stood an oddly looking young man. He had light brown hair that nearly looked red in the sun and was missing a few teeth. He was dressed in light green clothes and wore a headband. He was young, about thirteen or fourteen years old, but he was tall, standing slightly below Myaku's shoulders. The boy had a joyful and excited expression on his face until he saw Myaku's. He was obviously disappointed when he didn't turn out to be who he had expected. His expression of happiness disappeared and a quick sad frown covered his face, he took a step back, but was still standing relatively close to Myaku. Myaku looked at the boy with a surprised expression for a second before he realized that the boy was deeply saddened that Myaku was not Aang and that he was about to leave.

"I'm sorry, I thought you were someone else..." the boy said again as he took another step back, shifting his body to the right, obviously about to leave. His tone was sad, so sad that it looked like he had just lost his mother or family member.

"How do you..." Myaku began his question, taking a step forward, but sadly he was interrupted by a shout from Taizo.

"Hey, great news!" Taizo wrapped his hand around Myaku "Turns out there's a bar right across the street from where we live! How did you miss that?" Taizo then finally noticed the kid standing in front of them "Who's the shrimp?" Taizo took a step forward, raising his fist "Hey, beat it you urchin, we ain't giving you a single coin!"

"Taizo, stop!" Myaku tried to grab Taizo's elbow missed it by an inch and Taizo sent a punch towards the boy. The boy somehow leaned back and dodged it, but as he leaned forward he sent a punch into the sky and a rock split from the ground and hit Taizo directly into the face, forcing him to tumble back and fall to the ground.

"This is why I need my sword..." Taizo stated as he lay on the ground. This whole incident brought no joy for Myaku, but had it been a grown man that did that, or perhaps a little girl, Myaku would have laughed so hard, like he hadn't done in months. The boy turned around and quickly ran off as Myaku tried to shout "Wait!" but was once again interrupted by a shout from Taizo.

"I think that brat broke my face." He shouted from the ground

Approaching Threat

On the other side of the Omashu city, stood a hooded figure in a dark house, the figure was rather tall, though the figures face was completely shadowed by its hood and the fact that the room he was standing in was completely dark. Suddenly, a burst of fire appeared out of thin air and Colonel Lang came out of the darkness.

"So, you made it..." the dark figured hissed as he came closer and Lang nodded.

"I did, but I had many detours, such as an encounter with an airbender and someone else..." as Lang spoke, a couple other soldiers appeared from behind him out of the darkness. Lang was still wearing his dark armor; his voice was deep and hoarse.

The hooded figure stood calm and straight "Is that so?" Lang came in closer to the hooded figure and brightened the fire in his hand.

"He was heading in this direction, he should be in Omashu, do you know anything?" Lang asked, circling the hooded figure.

"Maybe I do... why should I tell you?"

"Because that's your job, The Fire Lord sends you spies into every city to collect information and to send it to soldiers and this man might as well be the Avatar, so do you deny my request, spy?" Lang clenched his fists and the fire fueled up, making his black armor and helmet shine. "Tell me what you know." Lang asked again, in a calm yet sinister voice.

"Very well then... I had reports that the airbender and some rogue were arrested for a massacre and wildfire, the type of things that instantly led me to believe that your squad did, how he's under their protection until all of this gets figured out, but if it doesn't, he will most likely be killed for mass murder and destroying a trade route, which was quite the task I must add, we must be thankful for his work."

"If I move in to take him, they'll figure out that the Fire Nation is closing in, breaking our cover.... If I stay back, I might not get to his dead body." Lang summarized as he turned to his men and paced back and forth.

"Aaah, yet there is another. His actions are hard to read, he is a slippery one, you must be wary." The hooded figure hissed

"After all that has happened, still he lives. He is difficult to kill." Lang commented, his voice trailing off as he came to a stop, looking blankly through one of the small window, into the daylight of Omashu.

"Yet, such a man serves himself first and his allies next, I wonder what he has to gain from travelling with the nomad, does he intend to collect the bounty on his head?" the hooded figure quarried.

"I shall deal with him, our goal lies only on the Avatar." Lang stated confidently

"This man is not the Avatar; you'd be wise to remember that the Avatar would be no more then fourteen if you ever meet him." The hooded figure warned and turned to leave "My task is done, be sure not to mess this up, Lang, Sozin will not be pleased to hear of your failures." As he exited the small shack, Lang put out the flame from his hand, submerging himself and his soldiers in complete darkness.


Myaku and Taizo had just finished eating in the bar right across from where they lived. It was a small establishment, large windows and tables aligned to them, on the far side of the half empty restaurant was a bar. Their own table however, was filled with empty plates and dishes, Taizo had just finished his third cup of sake while Myaku was sipping his tea. He hadn't eaten liked this in a while, he was stuffed; he couldn't even eat another bite. However, during the entire course of their meal, Myaku was haunted by the question he was about to ask.

"So... how exactly are we going to pay for all of this?" he questioned, finishing his tea and putting it on the table. A waiter placed a bottle of sake which Taizo ordered on the table and left, the rogue poured himself another cup and gulped it down.

"Don't worry about it, I got a plan" Taizo assured, putting the cap on the bottle back on and tying it to his belt.

"That sounds bad..." Myaku remarked as Taizo slowly stood up. The bartender and chef looked at him as he did a single squat and turned around, sprinting out of the bar in such speed that Myaku didn't even have time to turn his head. He left the monk sitting there, stone faced and glaring at the empty seat in front of him.

"HEY! YOU GUYS HAVE TO PAY UP!" the bartender shouted and he and the chef both began running towards Myaku. Knowing that he had no way of paying for any of this, Myaku leaped out of one of the windows and quickly flew off on his glider. The owners ran outside and waved their fists at him "WE'LL GET YOU FOR THIS!" they shouted Myaku soared across the sky, leaving that neighborhood behind him. For about thirty minutes, Myaku soared about Omashu, looking for Taizo, but to no avail, he ran off somewhere beyond the monks reach. Myaku released a sigh while still in the air lowering his head, he was not proud of what they just did and wanted to go back and pay for the food, but he didn't have the money to do so. He kept flying in the sky, the wind blowing against his face. The sun was going down in the horizon, everything was painted in a dark orange hue and Myaku thought that Omashu looked beautiful. He was enjoyed the sights as he noticed a familiar figure standing on top of the triangle structures which were connected to the Omashu delivery system. It was the boy from earlier, Myaku felt a lump form in his throat, but he decided that this needed to be done. He flew in closer and landed silently behind the boy, though the child heard, because he turned his head slightly.

Backview young Bumi
Myaku flicked his glider and it turned into a steel staff again. He made his towards towards the boy, who was leaning on a balcony railing and looking off into the distance, watching the carts of the delivery system pass by in the massive slides. Myaku leaned forward, placing his forearms on the stone railing; he looked off into the distance. "I'm sorry for my friend, he's slightly too hot headed for his own good." Myaku spoke calmly and in a friendly tone, giving a glance to the young boy.

"Don't worry about it..." the young boy frowned "I'm used to it." he tried smiling, but the smile was obviously forced, making Myaku even more sorry for Taizo. Myaku was about to ask the boys name, but the boy asked first "Are you an airbender?" his voice was filled with excitement.

"More or less, yes" Myaku nodded and the boy smiled.

"I had this friend, he was an airbender- me and him would do the craziest and most exciting things we could think of, we would actually slide down the deliver system all the time, we called it the worlds biggest super slide, you remind me a lot of him." the boy explained, his voice was filled with happiness as he spoke, but the realization of the airbenders fate soon hit the boy and his lips frowned again. "His name was Aang." Myaku frowned and lowered his head, looking down into the street. "He was my best friend, did you know him?" the boy turned to Myaku, the smile on his face was hiding the sadness that the boy held inside of him, he knew deep down, that his friend was now dead.

"I did..." Myaku confessed hesitantly. The boy lit up, his smile only grew and excitement riddled his face as Myaku paused for a long moment before he continued "he was... a good friend" at first it seemed like the monk would say something else, but twisted it into 'good friend' as if he wasn't sure he should consider the boy a friend.

The boy smiled even more "A friend of my friend is my friend!" he stuck his hand out "I'm Bumi!" he snorted as he laughed, trying to turn the conversation into a lighter mood.

"I'm Myaku." The monk shook the boys hand and both of them smiled. When they finally released each other's hand Myaku commented "You're pretty skilled at earthbending, to take someone down with one hit."

The boy snorted again "It's all about waiting for the perfect moment to strike." The two of them smiled and trailed off in their conversation as the sun slowly sunk into the horizon.

The Capture

Taizo was making his way through the dark streets, gulping down on the bottle of sake he had stolen from the bar right before his escape. He was already quite drunk, because he waddled as he walked, kept falling down and was in an incredibly cheerful mood. "It's a long, long waaaaaaaaaay to Ba. Sing. Se," the rogue sang as he moved, stopping only to sip the sake from the bottle. "...But the girls in the city they look so pretteeeeeeh!!!" he lost balance and hit the wall, but pushed off and kept walking, waving the bottle around "And they kiss so sweet that you've really got to meet—" he took another big gulp "The girls from Ba Sing Se!!!" he shouted and kept walking, lucky for him, the streets were nearly completely empty, only for a couple of passerby's and nobody paid him that much attention, in their eyes- he was just a drunk. He threw the bottle back, but not a single drop fell to his mouth. He hammered on it with his palm, but it was empty. "Bleh..." the rogue exclaimed and threw the bottle aside, waddling forward "I'm out of sake." He turned a corner and suddenly a punch slammed into his stomach and someone grabbed his arms from behind. Another punch slammed into his face and the person from behind brought him down to the ground, tying his hands tightly with some rope. Another kick connected to the rogues head. He was completely out of it, he couldn't even register what was happening right now, and it was like watching a flashing picture move.

"Hello, Taizo, remember me?" a deep, hoarse and sinister voice echoed in his head as the black armoured Lang moved into view. The Fire Nation soldiers that were just beating him down grabbed his elbows and brought him to his feet.

"Let's kill him here!" one of the Fire Nation soldiers suggested and Lang shook his head.

"No." he leaned in closer to Taizo, his eyes not even visible through the slits in his helmet "If we kill him here, they'll know something is up, we'll take him somewhere and kill him out of view, so the guards believe he skipped town before the investigation was completely and all blame for everything that happening will fall on him and the nomad. Take him away" Lang gestured and the soldiers pulled on his elbows, pulling him into one of the dark alleys and they moved out of sight, going towards the eastern part of the city. Unknown to them however, the old man that had brought Taizo and Myaku into town was hiding behind a crate as they pulled Taizo away, he saw everything. "Firebenders..." the old man muttered as he moved out of the shadows "I need to find Myaku!" he ran off.


Myaku and Bumi were still sitting near the delivery system when the old man found them. "MYAKU!" the old man shouted, trying to catch his breath as he ran towards them. He stopped a few feet away nearly collapsing from exhaustion. It was night time, yet the monk recognized the mans face easily.

"What happened?!" Myaku moved in closer, holding the old man tightly so he doesn't fall.

The man looked up at him, exhausted and breathing heavily "Firebenders... eh..." he gasped as Bumi intervened:

"In Omashu?!" he moved in closer, listening to what the old man had to say.

"They got... they got Taizo, they took him to the eastern part of town." As the old man spoke, Myaku watched him, stone faced. "There were three of the, one of them had black armor and wore a helmet..."

"Lang!" Myaku exclaimed and finally released the old man. Myaku grabbed his glider from the railing and was about to jump down to go save Taizo.

"Wait!" Bumi shouted, grabbing Myaku before he could jump "You're just going to rush into a fight without any strategy?" his voice was concerned as well as scared.

"I'll wing it." Myaku assured him.

"Listen to me, the eastern part of town is under construction, they're planning to burry your friend alive... or burry his corpse, so they probably know where they are going, you need to ambush them instead of rushing in like that!" though the boy was right, Myaku felt that that would take too much time. "You won't make it in time with your glider either, I know a shortcut."

Myaku flicked his glider and it turned into a staff again, he came closer to Bumi "What's the shortcut...?"

Bumi snorted "The world's biggest super slide." Myaku looked over to the delivery system. He squinted and hesitated, this really didn't seem safe, then again- Taizo was about to die at the hands of a firebender.

"Alright, thanks" he move towards one of the carts as Bumi caught up to him "Where do you think you're going?" Myaku asked and came to a stop.

"You won't find it without me, besides, how do you plan to take on so many firebenders alone? You need me." Myaku hesitated once more, taking a step back, not sure if he wanted to go through with this and endanger a young kid. For his youth however, Bumi seemed too smart, having talked to him for about an hour, Myaku could confidently say that this kid was a genius and it sure would be a lot easier with him around.

"Alright, lets go." The two of them jumped into one of the carts, Bumi in front and Myaku behind him.

"Brace yourself." Bumi laughed maniacally and stomped his foot, firing the cart down the slide in incredible speed. Myaku screamed as they were plunging downward, but calmed down when their path straightened a little. As they were sliding through the massive city, Myaku filled Bumi in on who was Lang and how they first encountered him, but it was a little hard talking while going at such a speed and the wind blowing through their faces. Bumi kept laughing and snorting, finding all of this incredibly amusing and exciting. While Myaku only kept worrying about their safety.


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