By Bersarker Part of the Avengers: The Earth's Mightiest Heroes continuity.

Bothriolepis are a race of fish that lived during the era of Kaiju.


In the era of Kaiju, the Bothriolepis are lived every swamps of the Southwestern Forest of Pangaea to find seaweed to eat. When the mass extinction is happened, most of them are died but the survivors are retreated to live in the Subterranea.


The Bothriolepis are the smallest creatures in the Southwestern Forest and they are the primary food of the Tiktaalik. Like Materpiscis and Dunkleosteus, their body is covered with armor.


Bothriolepis are fishes that eat seaweed they can jump out from the water for a moment and try to get into another swamp. If they're live too far on land they will died by both of no air to breath and get eaten by Tiktaalik.


  • They're the smallest creatures in the Southwestern Forest.
  • They're the source of food of everything in the Southwestern Forest.

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